2012’s GOP Dark Horse?


While uncertainty fogs whether or not Gov. Rick Perry of Texas will throw his ten-gallon hat into the GOP primary for the 2012 presidential run, an interesting event happened last week with Newt Gingrich’s disgruntled campaign staffers leaving Newt and now being courted by Gov. Perry.

I’ll say this, the economy, and directly by that the 3-letter word J.O.B.S. will be on the minds of voters in 2012. Barring a miracle there is no way we can even possibly get back to where we were (by the time of the election) four years ago. The democrats keep saying the GOP only wants to take us back to what got us into this mess. Hardly, everything the dems and Obama have planned involve more and more taxes in everything, more government regulation (driving up the cost to industry that will be passed onto consumers in higher prices), and all out government takeover/control of every aspect of life.

Right now Texas, under Gov. Perry, is the state with the most jobs created during this dark time under Obama. Industries are leaving oppressive states (such as Illinois) and heading to Texas. Their economy is better than good, and growing.

Perry also would appeal to the pro-life conservative base, and in stark opposition to Obama’s Planned Parenthood allegiance and record of pro-abortion history.
And being a serious governor from a border state, Perry completely is firsthand aware of the strains and dangers of illegal aliens crossing the borders on a daily basis, he would appeal to those pushing for tougher security there. He’s not afraid to take-on the EPA.

I mean, the guy even has his social priorities straight!

My buddy from New Orleans who is in the oil industry has a lot of political savvy down in that region, and writes me:

I’m not sold on Perry by any stretch, but this guy is going to be formidable.

Sure there have been some problems during his tenure in Austin and apparently he and the Bushes don’t get along very well, but consider…

1. The piles of money being made in TX right now. I caught a glimpse of this only last week and a projected high (183% during start up year) ROI deal created nothing but a yawn from So. TX.

2. A booming diversified economy when the nation is doing poorly as a whole with few states being bright spots.

3. Perry’s adamant stand on the 10th Amendment, not as states being laboratories, but because they have the right to be themselves.

4. Some of his accomplishment in getting legislation through the state legislature (even though it is very business friendly)

5. He brings more excitement than Pawlenty

6. He has not been afraid to make mistakes even in privatized plans like the Trans Texas Highway and the executive order for Gardasil vaccinations (parents could opt out)

7. The financial backing he can raise just from TX and there will be lack in that. I’ve heard of small businessmen who never ponied up campaign money before freely contributing to him AFTER last year’s governor race.

8. I just received a return call from a close personal friend in Austin who is very conservative and contributes to a number of candidates every 2 years and maxes out to at least 50 or more across the nation every 4 years, he really likes Perry and said that if I decide to get involved with Perry’s campaign to give him a call. He got involved with politics in the 60’s after making his first millions and did not like what the government was doing with his money.

There are some big blanks for me to fill in, but if 2012 primaries and election are going to be about the economy, his track record has no competition that I can see, NONE. Yea, I know the shale drilling boom has created a lot of this economy but it is still a boom, jobs and profit. If I am voting strictly on that issue, I cannot possibly consider voting for any other candidate, NONE OF THEM.

Barbara Hollingsworth @ The Washington Examiner agrees:

If Texas Gov. Rick Perry is “seriously considering running for president,” as my Examiner colleague Phil Klein reported, he has a ready-made campaign issue that could be his ace in the hole.

“Since the recovery began, 38 percent of all the jobs created in American have been created in the State of Texas,” Dallas Federal Reserve president Richard Fisher told CNBC’s “The Squawk Reserve” Tuesday.

“My district has more employment now than before the crisis began,” Fisher added.

Imagine a one-theme presidential campaign based on the simple fact that while President Obama was out there destroying American jobs by the millions, Perry was busy creating them in Texas.

Fisher cited the lack of a state income tax, and Texas’ business-friendly regulatory environment for its economic success, which has catapulted the Lone Star State to the top exporter in the U.S., surpassing California. But “the most important thing that’s happened to us is tort reform,” he said.

“We have the same interest rate structure in Texas as the rest of the United States, low interest rates, the same availability of capital, but money and people and production is moving to our state,” Fisher pointed out. “ So it’s going to go where it has the best fiscal policy as long as monetary police doesn’t get in the way….

“Liquidity is not the issue right now. I’d like to say the gas tank is full … the question is who gets in there to step on the pedal and accelerate the car to provide jobs for Americans? And that I think is not in our hands any more… It’s not the Federal Reserve that’s holding things back.”

All Perry has to do is point out that what’s holding the U.S. economy back is the job-killing, business-strangling polices of the Obama administration and compare them to his own record in Texas, where low taxes and tort reform have enticed job-producing businesses to relocate.


My New Orleans buddy adds:

The truth is that it is far bigger than the official numbers suggest and the profit margins are extremely high for small businesses. It is like putting $1,000 in the bank and it becomes $100,000 in just a couple of years. Most major companies are happy to have 5% to 10% annual return on investment. Texas already has a labor shortage especially in the oilfield service sector. Unskilled labor is getting double what they were just two years ago. Someone say earning $20 per hour with experience will likely be offered above $25 per hour to jump to another company with some profit sharing incentive.

Romney has too much negative vibe. And none of the other contenders, good as they are, have the gravitas that Perry can bring as the lead on a GOP ticket. He just might be the GOP’s Dark Horse …

Honestly, I get a tingle up my leg just thinking about a one-on-one debate about REALITY between Rick Perry and Obama. Don’t mess with Texas.

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5 thoughts on “2012’s GOP Dark Horse?

  1. It would be interesting to see what the other side and the media would focus on to try to derail somebody like Perry…


    … while protecting the first term history of union collusion, anti energy independence (especially in light of the gas prices more than doubling since he took office, and his not only allowing but funding other countries to drill where we’re not permitted to drill … by him), of course there’s ObamaCare, his continualQEs and stimulus failures, etc. of Obama’s record. The guy really cannot run on his record.

    The tuition issue didn’t seem to cost Perry the election, but you wonder how the democrats and the left … who insist on funding illegals from everything from public education, cramming the jails/prisons in the southwestern states and California, free pro bono healthcare via the hospital ERs, non-tax-paying, Social Security while living in Mexico, etc … would be able to slam Perry on this issue.

  2. Romney is dead in the water – Romneycare, global warming, Mormon, flip flopper

    Gingrich attacked Ryan’s plan and is currently yachting through Greece

    Palin’s negatives are over 60 %

    I think Perry could be the strongest candidate at this point.

  3. Mr. Mojito, unless a dream candidate (Marco Rubio) joins the race, I agree. Texas is what the rest of the country wishes they could be. Gov. Perry has what it takes if he can manage a national campaign.

  4. Mr. Mojito and Ziva,
    Mustn’t forget the dream candidate with the so called 60% negatives at the moment. I believe those negatives would evaporate if she ran.
    Nothing against Perry. I don’t know enough about him. And if he runs and gets the nod, I hope he can beat Obama soundly as a conservative. But I want the Republican party to get a real shaking out. And I believe the best one to do that is Palin.


    Can’t wait to see this movie.

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