Castro regime to Obama: I’m going to put a spell on you

The Cuban dictatorship is not happy with Barack Obama. After his election in 2008, the Castro family made room in their Swiss bank accounts for all the millions of dollars they were planning on making once Obama lifted the embargo against their criminal regime. The embargo was never lifted, however, and now the Castro regime is miffed.

Even though the embargo against the Castro crime syndicate has remained in place for the most part due to the efforts of principled members of congress and not because Obama is “tough” on Cuba, the president is receiving the brunt of the Cuban regime’s fury. Unable to coax the American president into transferring a few million U.S. dollars into their bank accounts, the regime is going old-school: they are calling for an evil spell to be cast on Barack Obama.

Via Punt de Vista (my translation):

Castro party leader calls for a spell to be cast on Obama

According to EFE, Ricardo Alarcon, the president of the Cuban parliament, called today for American president Barack Obama to be “pursued like a gypsy spell” so he would free the five Cuban agents imprisoned in the U.S., which Havana considers heroes. This exhortation by Alarcon took place at the opening of an international meeting of youths for the “Cuban Five,” in which representatives from political and student organizations from Ecuador, VEnezuela, Mexico, Panama, Russia, Peru, and Nicaragua, among others, joined together in solidarity with the case.



One thought on “Castro regime to Obama: I’m going to put a spell on you

  1. This is the abject asshole who said Cubans couldn’t be allowed to travel freely because it would clog up the skies (too many planes, you see). He’s also the bastard who ratted on Pedro Luis Boitel, who had once helped him, which led to over a decade in jail and a fatal hunger strike (a real one, without medical assistance, not like the media circus involving a certain ex-colonel). Just look at the creature: it’s all in his damned face.

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