A powerful reminder that nothing has changed

This essay, “We Hated Reagan,” beautifully dissects the rabid and irrational ignorance always on display from the left when faced with a candidate/office holder that stands on principles and guts. Today, the left’s hatred of Sarah Palin — in my opinion the only candidate who carries the mantle of Reagan’s conservatism in the Republican Party today — is reminiscent of what I vividly remember was done to Reagan — to no avail.

Ronald Reagan is widely regarded as the greatest American president since Franklin Roosevelt, possibly the greatest of the 20th century, and definitely one of the greatest ever. His centenary this year has elicited a cavalcade of conservative encomia. All try to distill the essence of his leadership and transmit it to a new generation. Rare, however, are those who didn’t much care for him as president but whose opinions and convictions have shifted over time. Their assessments, however, make sense: his presidency created a new voting demographic (“Reagan Democrats”) and, often overlooked, the towering Republican legend had been more than half his life a loyal Democrat. As a youngster in Manhattan in the 1980s, I myself was formed in an intensely Democratic milieu where distrust, resentment, and repulsion underwrote our attitudes toward Reagan. Any honest attempt by any of us to reckon with him must begin by admitting that, at heart, we hated Reagan.



3 thoughts on “A powerful reminder that nothing has changed

  1. I cant believe you left out the doozy closing line:

    Let’s face it, we hated President Ronald Reagan for one reason and one reason only, that which confident liberals insist is the removable basis of all hatred: Ignorance.

  2. Yes there is plenty of Ignorance in America today. That’s the primary reason Barack Hussein Obama is the current POTUS.

    The MSM, the lefties in academia and the Hollywood idiots have managed in a very effective way to tap into the utter ignorance prevalent in American populance by selling them the idea that the Marxist, Muslim, anti-American bullshit artist had the qualifications to run the US and the right solutions to its problems.

    Well, nearly three years into his term it is obvious more than ever that Obama took into a bad situation and made it worse but, you would not hear any of this fact from the MSM and it’s cohorts. All you can read or hear(on almost a daily basis) is the stream of constant attacks against Sarah Palin as if she was the one in charge of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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