U2’s Bono meets with Marco Rubio

U2’s singer Bono met with Senator Marco Rubio to discuss his “ONE Campaign”. Not much of a story here except that Bono usually tries to meet with very influential people. Maybe he sees the same potential in Rubio that we do.



Let’s Draft Marco Rubio.



9 thoughts on “U2’s Bono meets with Marco Rubio

  1. I prefer to make him inevitable in 2020 after we make a big sweep in 2012 with a good candidate and big congressional win.

  2. I agree with what you say about Rubio, Henry.
    But he is young and we have others who are in the running who also fill this bill and one who is not yet in the running and I hope she gets in if another good one does not pick up steam.
    We need Rubio in the senate for now. He is more important there for the moment. That’s my take. He will be a shoo in for a front runner in 2020. Or in 2016, heaven forbid, if you get my drift.

  3. Henry, surely you jest.

    Do you not realize, have you not learned yet, that the moment Rubio steps out of the box to run, the msm and every left wing loonie and comedian in this country will demonize him and lie about him to make him impossible to respect?

    The only albatrosses around Palin’s neck are those invented by the liars of the msm and their allies. Why would you want to destroy Rubio’s career? Let him be a little less visible, a little less of a threat to the msm, etc. and let him do some good in the Senate before you sic the dogs of the msm on him and ruin him before he even gets the chance to develop his resume doing good for us.

    I don’t know as much about Perry or Bachmann, but they sound pretty good to me so far. And I adore Palin.

    Name me one albatross that these three earned on their own because of their own insufficiency.
    We must NOT allow the msm to define or choose our candidates for us. One of the three is going to emerge. Pawlenty is also good, but won’t win. Huntsman is McCain light. (Watch the press praise him as electable.)

    I love Rubio just like you do. But I believe my scenario is better for him and for the country in the long run.

    We have to overturn or dilute the power of the msm to influence voters.

  4. Honey, I like Palin. In fact, I think that McCain’s best decision was making her his running mate. That doesn’t mean I’d want her to be president over Rubio. For one thing she was mayor of a town of 4,000 before becoming Governor for a term she didn’t fulfill so that she could have a reality show. Marco was a state representative from Miami and became Speaker of the Florida house. He beat a popular governor to become senator in a state that’s much more populous and much more important from an electoral standpoint than Alaska. And lastly he could beat Obama in a debate hands down. He won’t fail history quizzes or flub questions about his reading material. Yes they will demonize him but he’s the best prepared of anybody I can envision running.

  5. Henry,

    Not to belabor this, she says as she is about to belabor this big time, but you here commit the sin I cannot ignore. You take your definitions and narrative about governor Palin from the main stream media.

    I just got finished reading Ziva’s long articles about Alinsky and Hillary and how the left manipulates the good intentioned people in this country.

    Sarah Palin’s entire life prepares her for the presidency better than anyone else. If this were a country where reason and truth prevailed instead of manipulation and lies, her path to the White House would be smooth and inevitable. But she is the biggest threat to the progressive agenda of anyone in this country.

    Palin is the feminist’s dream. But she doesn’t believe in abortion so she must be demonized. She worked for many years in a rugged business with her husband. Before she ever became mayor of a small town, she was the American dream, but she remains faithful to unadulterated capitalism so the left must demonize her because she will not go the redistributionist way. She loves the environment but is not an “environmentalist” so she must be demonized by the global warming crowd.

    Her history is perfect for the job. Hard worker, lived in a rugged environment, unhappy with the way her town was being governed, against all the odds, she ran for mayor, unexpectedly won, and went on to become the best and most popular executive that city ever knew. She was angry at the corruption of the Republicans running the state and took them on. She ran for governor, was mocked and demonized by her own party and won. She accomplished more in her two years in office than any governor before her in four. The reason she left the governorship was not that she was a quitter.

    The left is terrified of her. She has the charisma and principled character to undo so much of the mess they deliberately make, that they must destroy her. Read Alinsky’s rules. So they got her embroiled in tons of lawsuits, which cost her and Alaska a fortune and made it impossible for her to govern. Her lieutenant governor is as conservative as she is, but not the lightening rod she is for the left, would be a good governor and the state would do well with him. So she flummoxed the left by leaving her job and leaving the state in good hands. She flummoxes the left a lot. It is one of her best strengths and why would our side want to discard that talent?

    She did not leave to do a reality show. That is the narrative of the leftstream media.

    By the way, did you WATCH her Lifetime show? It was fabulous. She does things most Americans would not be able to do. A “reality” show is variations of voting people off the island.

    Her show was a travelogue promoting Alaska and with her as the guide and participant in rigorous activities in nature. A young robust Al Gore would have died of a heart attack in the first five minutes if he had to do one thing she accomplished on that show. She is the true environmentalist with love of nature and wonder at G-d’s miracles. It was a delightful show about family, love of America and all things any conservative respects.

    She has far more experience than Rubio and much more diverse.

    Henry, the point is if you are anxious to push Rubio, whom I love, you cannot help your case by stating that he is more experienced than Palin – she has much more executive experience than he has, both in business and in governing.

    And you hurt your case by quoting the narrative of the msm that she quit the governorship to do a reality show. I get very miffed when conservatives quote the mantra of the msm to support their arguments. We must demonize the msm, mock them, not quote them and give them more power.

    No legislator (representative, Speaker of the House, Senator) has to meet a payroll, balance a budget, hire and fire. These are things an executive must do and the presidency is an executive position.

    For us to cast aside Sarah Palin because we have swallowed the repetitive big lies of the main stream media about her is to surrender to the power of the msm. She is the best there is as far as I’m concerned. And if she ran, she would do more good to undo the lies of the progressives than anyone else. That’s why they hate and fear her and must mock her. But we must not give them the power to destroy her. She may decide not to run if there is a candidate whom she can live with and support already in the race. But that decision must be hers and not the msm’s.

    If Rubio were the candidate, I would celebrate because he is articulate, charming and lovable and seems to be on my side on the issues and I would support him to the end with as much fervor as I display here for Palin.

    But I prefer Palin, unless Perry or Bachmann are the choices and prove to be right on my issues.

    Please do not quote the narrative of the msm anymore Henry.

  6. Honey, if i had never seen either candidate before in my life and only had their resumes in front of me and their speeches Rubio would be the winner and you know it. How many electoral votes does Alaska have? Palin could have chosen to finish her term. She didn’t. She went on to become a reality TV personality.

  7. Ah, Bono. Another would-be savior of mankind. Well, it’s one way to stay “relevant” and get media coverage.

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