Cuban Catholic Church says it did nothing wrong: Trying to cover the sun with a finger

There is an old Cuban adage that says no puedes tapar el sol con un dedo (you can’t hide the sun with a finger); in other words, you cannot hide the obvious simply by stating it is not there. Nevertheless, desperation leads many to attempt to conceal undeniable truths with ridiculous excuses in the hopes that they will somehow be able to block out the sun with one of their fingers.

The Catholic Church in Cuba is desperate, and they are trying to hide the sun with a finger. Their complicit role in the banishment and forced exile of Cuban political prisoners has not only brought them bad publicity, it has also exposed the cozy working relationship they have with a murderous and atheistic regime. These actions and relationships are something the Church in Cuba would have preferred to have remained in the shadows, but now that it is out, they are feeling the ill effects that partnerships with brutal and murderous regimes tend to have on one’s reputation and credibility when they become public knowledge.

In an account of the banishment and forced exile of 115 Cuban political prisoners published yesterday by spokesman Orlando Marquez, the Catholic Church in Cuba is giving their version of the events. And in effect, they are attempting to rewrite history. According to their official line, all of the prisoners banished from the island and forced into exile in Spain wanted to be banished from the island forced into exile in Spain. The Church, according to Marquez, was only doing what the prisoners and their family members asked them to do.

This is quite a bold assertion, and I am afraid only God’s finger is big enough to cover that sun. Unfortunately for the Church in Cuba, the good Lord is not cooperating and helping them cover it up, and the light of truth is still shining brightly.

There are numerous accounts from the banished political prisoners themselves detailing how they were coerced by Cardinal Jaime Ortega and the Church into accepting banishment and forced exile as a condition to their release. Their accounts have been well documented in both traditional media and blogs. It is interesting to note, however, that Juan Tamayo, the author of the Herald article regarding the Church’s statement I linked above, inexplicably neglected to offer even one of those accounts.

Since the Herald was not able to provide some truths to counter the Church’s farcical version of the events, I offer our readers the account of just one of the political prisoners in Cuba who Cardinal Ortega tried to coerce into accepting banishment and forced exile. His blunt words expose without a doubt the Church’s complicity with the Castro regime in the banishment of 115 political prisoners from Cuba.

Here is prisoner of conscience Guido Sigler Amaya’s account of the conversations he had with Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino during his imprisonment in a statement he made after his release from prison:

Guido Sigler Amaya took advantage of the occasion [of his release] to affirm the commitment he has with the Cuban people to continue his defense of human rights and liberty and democracy for the Cuban people until his last dying breath. He denied the cowardly and contemptible manipulation published by the Archdiocese of Havana, which said in a brief message on the internet that he would be traveling to the U.S.

His words were the following:

“That is completely false. They are miserable rats. Never at any moment did I speak with them regarding that matter. Cardinal Jaime Ortega on repeated occasions insisted that I abandon my country and accept forced exile, to which I always refused. I remember that on one occasion I told him that only in a casket would I be forced into exile to another country directly from prison, and for them to release me so I could go home since only in liberty can a man decide his destiny, not imprisoned. The Archdiocese of Havana and Cardinal Jaime Ortega announced the release of Angel Moya Acosta and me, even though the last ones to find out were us and our family members.”

“I believe that what most bothered the Castros and their accomplice Cardinal Jaime Ortega was that I remained firm and did not accept any of their despicable proposals, and I obligated them, risking my own life, to release me from prison to my own home.”



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