Cardinal Jaime Ortega pushed to silence Church magazine critical of Castro regime

It should not surprise anyone that according to Wikileaks documents, the Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega, was responsible for the silencing Vitral magazine, a Church publication that was highly critical of the Castro dictatorship. Yet more proof of how the Church in Cuba has been completely compromised and is operating as another arm of the corrupt and repressive Castro regime.

Via the Miami Herald:

Cuban cardinal pushed to close critical magazine

A Vatican expert on Cuba told U.S. diplomats in 2007 that Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega had pushed to shutter a highly regarded Roman Catholic magazine that often criticized the communist system, according to a State Department cable made available by WikiLeaks.

Cuba’s government had wanted to close Vitral magazine for years but feared a backlash and so “must be happy because the Church did its dirty work for it,” the expert noted. The publication wasn’t closed, but its editor resigned in a huff and its content was toned down.

Ortega’s spokesman denied in an email that the church had bowed to government pressures and said that although the Cuban government had complained about Vitral and other church publications, “the complaints never turned into requests for closures.”

“It’s not important if the fact is real or not, it’s simply repeated even though there’s no firsthand source that confirms it in public,” spokesman Orlando Marquez wrote. “It is good to ask who benefits from this.”

The cable sent to the State Department by the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican also mentioned previously unconfirmed reports that Vatican officials at times had thought that Ortega, who also serves as the archbishop of Havana, was too friendly with Cuban ruler Raul Castro.

“Vatican officials have hinted in the past that Ortega has become too cozy with Castro,” noted the cable, dated May 14, 2007, and classified as “secret.” It was one of more than 250,000 State Department documents that WikiLeaks provided to McClatchy Newspapers.



4 thoughts on “Cardinal Jaime Ortega pushed to silence Church magazine critical of Castro regime

  1. I hate Cardinal Jaime Ortega with a passion. In fact, If we go by Dante’s theory of Hell, Jaime Ortega may have an even lower rung in Hell than either fidel or raul. The castro brothers are what they are. No pretense. They are evil [yes, I know that they try to represent and repackage themselves as humanitarians], but they are tyrants through and through. The castro brothers are nothing more than a human form of Puzuzu behind a thinly veiled smokescreen.

    But Jaime Ortega, on the other hand, is supposed to be a man-of-the-cloth, a representative of God on earth, he is supposed to look after his flock, guide them like a Shepard, not prolong their suffering and help to sustain the dictatorship in power by assisting the devil-on-earth.

    All in all, I think that he is considerably even more evil even than the castro brothers for he is helping to sustain the Hellish conditions of the tyranny in the name of God.

  2. Cardinal Ortega deserves a very painful ass-beating for his treacherous sins against Cuba and its people.

  3. I think that Ortega deserves something considerably more severe than a very painful ass-beating, though that’s a good start.

  4. This so called “Cardinal” of the Cuban Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than a stoolie for the Castro Totalitarian Communist Regime!

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