Imagine That … John Lennon a Closet Republican

Duck because leftist/liberal heads are about to explode, and you don’t want to get any of it on you …

John Lennon was a closet Republican, who felt a little embarrassed by his former radicalism, at the time of his death – according to the tragic Beatles star’s last personal assistant.

Fred Seaman worked alongside the music legend from 1979 to Lennon’s death at the end of 1980 and he reveals the star was a Ronald Reagan fan who enjoyed arguing with left-wing radicals who reminded him of his former self.

In new documentary Beatles Stories, Seaman tells filmmaker Seth Swirsky Lennon wasn’t the peace-loving militant fans thought he was while he was his assistant.

He says, “John, basically, made it very clear that if he were an American he would vote for Reagan because he was really sour on (Democrat) Jimmy Carter.

“He’d met Reagan back, I think, in the 70s at some sporting event… Reagan was the guy who had ordered the National Guard, I believe, to go after the young (peace) demonstrators in Berkeley, so I think that John maybe forgot about that… He did express support for Reagan, which shocked me.

“I also saw John embark in some really brutal arguments with my uncle, who’s an old-time communist… He enjoyed really provoking my uncle… Maybe he was being provocative… but it was pretty obvious to me he had moved away from his earlier radicalism.

“He was a very different person back in 1979 and 80 than he’d been when he wrote Imagine. By 1979 he looked back on that guy and was embarrassed by that guy’s naivete.”

Imagine that …

Lennon and Reagan were at this Monday Night Football game December of 1974.

In a bit of Instant Karma, John Lennon was shot (assassinated) December 1980, and Pres. Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt in March 1981.

[…] In six wild months during 1980 and 1981, assassins took aim at the pop star, the president, and the pope. It seemed like the chaotic 1960s all over again, save for the fact that its symbol had been gunned down. […]

His musical comeback owed as much to the comeback of his personal life as it had to his renewed focus on rock ‘n’ roll to the exclusion of politics and drugs. Politics, Lennon concluded, had “almost ruined” his music. “It became journalism and not poetry. And I basically feel that I’m a poet — […]

He came to regret the early 1970s politicization of his art. “That radicalism was phony, really, because it was out of guilt,” Lennon recalled a few months before his assassination. “I’d always felt guilty that I made money, so I had to give it away or lose it. I don’t mean I was a hypocrite. When I believe, I believe right down to the roots. But being a chameleon, I became whoever I was with. When you stop and think: what the hell was I doing fighting with the American government just because Jerry Rubin couldn’t get what he always wanted — a nice cushy job?”

“Politics plays hell with your poetry,” revolutionary John Reed once concluded. Before he died on December 8, 1980, musical revolutionary John Lennon learned that lesson, too.



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  1. Oh, dear. Well, I assume Yoko will duly deny all this, or somebody will. Wonder what will happen to the Lennon statue in Havana.

  2. oh my…i think a pig just flew by… much as I would like to believe, it’s difficult to imagine Mr. Lennon as a closet would require to much common sense…and we know the left has no common sense…

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