Castro snubs George Mc Govern

“But I thought he really, really liked me…?”

Former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern was heading back to the United States on Monday without having seen Fidel Castro, whom he calls an old friend, for the first time in nearly 17 years.

The 88-year-old former senator from South Dakota said officials told him Castro, who temporarily stepped aside as president in 2006 and then resigned permanently in 2008, has been “extremely busy” with official matters and the presence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez..”

“The remittance-travel lifeline from the U.S. is flowing nicely, amigo McGovern. Your Democratic Party has seen to that. So no need to waste time with you “the conscience of the Democratic party”. But the Venezuelan lifeline needed prompt and serious attention–I’m sure you understand–but y’all come back now!



7 thoughts on “Castro snubs George Mc Govern

  1. Ah, yes, McGovern; the man who gave us the Federal Guidelines on daily nutrition, geared towards reinforcing a fad diet he was on at the time:

    Looking at that footage of him from decades ago only reinforces the belief that it takes a certain kind of arrogant, willful ignorance to consider Castro and his ilk “friends”.

  2. Based on what I saw and heard in the latest Fidel Castro’s video with Hugo Chavez it is obvious that his subordinates have curtailed his access to foreigners because of his deterioration.

    Fidel Castro is a shell of his former self, otherwise he would still be in full control. They may show him in a video or two to display that he’s still alive but, the rest is obvious to everyone.

  3. McGovern has nothing to offer. He’s a total nobody, not just a has-been but a never-was. At least Jimmy Carter was president and has kept a much higher profile. The timing, of course, didn’t help, with Fidel completely absorbed in the Chávez crisis–it’s not like he’s got any functional brain matter to spare for some forgotten useful idiot. If there had been nothing special going on, he would have granted McGovern an audience, knowing the idiot would have bent over backwards to repay him with enthusiastic anti-embargo, anti-exile and pro-dialogue pronouncements. Well, I suppose the old loser has lost again.

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