“Anthony Bourdain Partners with Fidel Castro’s Secret Police”

“Tony, by the authority vested in me, I hereby award you the:”

“WHAT?! Just look at this article’s title! Here’s typical Cuban-exile, Mc Carthyite, crackpot right-wing, Republican lunacy! Bourdain’s show is on The Travel Channel, for crying out loud! On the July 11th episode of his No Reservations, they ran a show where Bourdain traveled to Cuba highlighting the food, people, sights and sounds, etc. —like he does while traveling all over the world. What’s wrong with THAT?! You Cuban-exiles are beyond hopeless! Get a grip—and finally join the 21st Century. Geesh! “

Allow me to calmly explain: neck to neck with Hugo Chavez’ subsidies, Castro’s Stalinist regime lives off tourism. And Cuba’s Intelligence and Military sector owns 80 per cent of the Tourist Industry, as documented to Congress by retired Defense Intelligence Agency Cuba analyst, Lieut. Col. Chris Simmons. Henceforth, yet another Travel Channel infomercial (Zimmern visited in 2009) for Cuba was a godsend to the Stalinist nomenklatura—especially right now with their Venezuelan Sugar- Daddy in perilous health.

Those charming, smiling hosts who escorted Bourdain around Castro’s fiefdom were all regime apparatchiks. Immediately upon applying for his Cuban visa, well before Bourdain even set foot in Cuba, Castro’s intelligence had Bourdain completely sussed and his future escorts completely briefed. The procedure started the day he applied for Cuban visa, as also explained by Lieut. Col. Christopher Simmons. That your official “guides” while officially visiting a Communist nation were regime apparatchiks was common knowledge even to proto-imbeciles all during the Cold War. Bourdain was born in 1956.

Our friends at Townhall (perhaps) help inform some Travel Channel viewers with items mostly unknown outside Miami-Dade.



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  1. I think the average viewer of the show duly noted the poverty, and the fact that the average Cuban could not enjoy such a meal, but after all Cuba’s a third world country right? At least they have free healthcare and education, and the people are so happy.

    The final word to me is the plug about Cuba’s beauty and EVERYONE should vist. Please note that on the Travel Channel’s webpage for the episode, there is also a link for reservations at Hotel Nacional. We know Bourdain likes to maintain his rebel image; I guess he did so by saying a few things off script, but it was nothing we haven’t heard before.

  2. Ziva- I don’t intend to watch this program, as it will probably give me severe indigestion. What did Bourdain say “off script?”

  3. Joelima,

    I saw the program and Bourdain didn’t say anything of significance “off-script,” that could off-set the overwhelming harm that he did within the entirety of the rest of the program. The most significant thing that he said was that Cubans could not afford to go to a very fancy Basque restaurants that he ate at. I can assure you that most non-Cubans will say “so what?” In Latin American, most Latinos can’t go to a restaurant like that anyway, and besides at least they get “free healthcare and education.” To give an example of the kind of crap that he pulled, at one point he said that Cubans weren’t free to speak freely, but then he quickly qualified that statement by saying, “but they have the best healthcare and education in Latin America!”

    At another point he flippantly said that Cuba needs a regime change, because there weren’t amenities like hotdogs at the baseball statium he went to! HA HA HA, SLAP MY THIGH!! I for one was not amused at this flippancy. The Cuban situation is far too serious to be trivialized in this manner.

    In the end, he gave castro exactly what he wanted, he followed the script, made the obligatory healthcare and education remark [twice!], interviewed government apparatchiks [only], went to a food market that was overflowing with produce [most of these markets are not even one fourth as abundant] and of course, produced a free ad for tourism for the Cuban government. He even ended the hour-long program by exorting everyone to come see Cuba for themselves!

    Oh, before I forget, he also offended Cuban exiles directly when he called us “intolerant.” At one point he was talking to [GET THIS!] a reverse exile! Yup, you heard it right, a Cuban-American who was born in NYC and moved to Cuba after Castro took over. He was photographer who took famous “iconic” photos of Castro and Che [which he gratuitously showed the camera], but he had to stay in Cuba, because the FBI was persecuting him! Gee Whiz! Well, Bourdain is having a conversation with this apparatchik and he starts lamenting how intolerant Miami Cubans are and that he’s going to get a lot of shit for this program because, “even if one shows a smiling Cuban child,” “Miami Cubans” get angry!” Is that a low-punch or what?

    The guy is a scumbag. PERIOD. AND the program was horrible. I did not see anything redeemable in it.

  4. Ray is right. Bottom line: “Yes, go to Cuba!” If this program gets Castro, Inc. ANY new tourist income, and it will, it is an act of knowing complicity with a totalitarian dicatorship that has always systematically violated human rights. If Bourdain (or anyone) is OK with that, and he is because the show is now a done deal, Bourdain is, at best, a perverse hypocrite who does not give a shit about Cubans, their freedom or their rights, and I don’t give a shit about any lip service to the contrary. By their deeds ye shall know them, period.

  5. 2 quotes from the episode:

    “Exiled Cubans watching this show, missing their country, angry about being separated from family and friends, a world left behind, a lot of them are not going to be satisfied with this show.”

    “We can’t show you the whole Cuba. This show’s not about Communism; which I generally abhor, or about Fidel Castro, who I also have decidedly mixed emotions. And that I know won’t be enough for some people. This show is about the Cuban heart, about everyday things; big and small like baseball.”

  6. Very telling quotes, Mojito. Predictable self-serving disclaimers trying to have it both ways. Not unlike those who play along with Castro, Inc. but try to deflect any blame by claiming to be “apolitical”–remember the Juanes concert? The bit about having “mixed emotions” about Castro is absolutely classic. Really, you can’t make this stuff up. Would he EVER say that about Pinochet, Botha or even George Bush, never mind Hitler? I love these people; they never disappoint. And this is ostensibly a “moderate” liberal. Unreal indeed.

  7. “This show’s not about Communism; which I generally abhor, or about Fidel Castro, who I also have decidedly mixed emotions.” I guess the body count just isn’t high enough, or dead Cubans as collateral don’t matter enough to completely abhor a mass murdering terrorist dictatorship enough to say no to a chance to look hip in Havana. Obscene definition: disgusting and morally offensive, especially through an apparent total disregard for others’ rights or natural justice.

    Sometimes words are inadaquate. At least in English.

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