The Castros: the dynasty that is a dictatorship

The Guardian UK looks at the great dynasties of the world, including the Castro monarchy, which it concludes is a dictatorship:

Great dynasties of the world: The Castros

Ian Sansom on a family that’s a dictatorship, not merely a dynasty

Fidel Castro

The Cuban president Fidel Castro in 1979. Photograph: Sipa Press/Rex Features

Fidel Castro and his family have ruled an entire country for more than 50 years. One approaches such an achievement, of course, with a sense of one’s own limitations. One dare not be patronising. Nonetheless, as Castro himself is often fond of saying, Hay problemas, hay contradicciones (There are problems, there are contradictions). An Amnesty International report on Cuba, in March 2011, states that “The Cuban authorities are continuing to stifle freedom of expression on the island … Hundreds of pro-democracy activists have suffered harassment, intimidation and arbitrary arrest … as the Cuban government employs new tactics to stamp out dissent.” The Castros are no mere family dynasty. They are a family dictatorship.



One thought on “The Castros: the dynasty that is a dictatorship

  1. The immense hypocrisy that is Cuba! Castro has turned Cuba into what he claims it was: an oligarchy run by a tiny handful of rapacious families in conjunction with foreign interests.

    The horrible thing is that contrary to castro’s lies, Cuba’s old Blue-blooded families cared for the country. Not only did their ancestors give up all of their wealth in order to fight the Spanish crown, but during the Republican time many of the descendants of these families continued to give to charities and thus enrich the country. For instance, the Bacardi’s created museums, the Falla-Bonet’s founded hospitals, restored colonial buildings, supported Cuba’s philharmonic, etc…

    Now all of these families are living in exile, giving their wealth and talent to other countries. In essence, we have lost these families, because they have become American, European, Latin American, etc.. as their new generations have been born in foreign countries. This is an aspect of the immense harm that castro has caused that we don’t often look at. All countries need native wealth in order to thrive, or they risk becoming like those little Caribbean countries where all wealth is held by absentee landlords, landlords who don’t care for the country, who only see the country as a means to making a quick buck and exploiting it. We on the other hand had native wealth, old families that felt Cuban to the core, and loved Cuba. Take the example of Julio Lobo, he would be considered a billionaire by today’s standards, and he gave back so much to Cuba. He treated his sugar cane cutters decently and he provided them with medical care and even created schools for their children. A foreign robber baron would not do that.

    But, the castro’s in their immense hypocrisy, while enveloping themselves in a mantle of humanistic socialism, have created a dynasty. What a sick, repulsive thought that his mean, low-class, filthy, vulgar family styles themselves a dynasty and have gotten rid of everyone else just to place themselves at the top.

    This is what castro’s “revolution” was all about, personal gain, and yet, you have all of these “respected intellectuals,” people like the late Jean Paul Sartre, that idiot Saul Landau, etc..etc.. making out as if castro was/is some sort of humanistic savior.

    It’s enough to make one’s stomach churn.

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