Tampa airport becomes Castro dictatorship’s newest business partner

Strangely enough, Tampa airport is actually proud and boasting about becoming a business partner of the vile, murderous, criminal, and repressive Castro dictatorship. Go figure.

Tampa airport to begin weekly charters to Cuba

Tampa International Airport said Wednesday that the Cuban government had approved its plans to begin offering charters to the island. Weekly service is expected to begin in September.

“This is a monumental day. It took many people and many years working together to secure Tampa International Airport as the new gateway airport to Cuba,’’ said Joe Lopano, chief executive of the Tampa airport.

ABC Charters, which will provide the Cuba service, said Tampa’s first Cuba charter flight may take off as early as Sept. 10.

“ABC Charters is proud to facilitate the reunification of the Cuban-American families in Tampa and adjoining areas. They no longer will need to drive several hours to Miami so they can visit their families in Cuba,’’ Tessie Aral of ABC said in a statement.

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22 thoughts on “Tampa airport becomes Castro dictatorship’s newest business partner

    • Actually, Stogie, Castro sounds just like a liberal because… well, you know why. And a lovely comment on your post extolling the virtues of Castro’s “free” healthcare, education, school uniforms, meals, etc.

      Yeah, things are so wonderful in Cuba that only millions have fled and only untold thousands have died trying to escape. A pretty good record I would say if you happen to be an elitist leftist with a special place in your heart for ruthless, murderous, and despotic communist dictators.

  1. Yes, Mr. Moneo, i did come up with it all by my lonesome. It is becouse of folks like you guys that Castro is still in business.

  2. Stogie you’re more clueless that I could have ever imagined and your one liners demonstrate complete ignorance on the subject at hand.

  3. One more thing Stogie,

    Folk like George (and others here at Babalu) are totally powerless to do anything against Fidel Castro other than to expose to the world the cruelty of his tyranny on the Cuban people.

    Plus you completely ignored Alberto’s powerful reply because you don’t have a counter to that fact. The best you can counter is to blame us Cuban-American exiles that Fidel Castro still in power. That statement of yours is completely idiotic, and imbecilic.

    The fact is that Fidel and Raul Castro are still in power in Cuba is because of their bloody oppressive, cutthroat nature towards the people they rule, that simple.

    Plus the additional (and most important fact) that they have way too many allies and enablers over the years. Before it was the old Soviet Union and now the likes of Hugo Chavez and current POTUS Barack Hussein Obama (and the many lefties in the US and Europe) that ensure with their actions that the Castro brothers receive the monetary help necessary to finance their tyranny on the Cuban people.

    Unfortunately these facts are way too difficult for your lefty, grey matter deprived brain to accept and comprehend Stogie.

  4. I am a Cuban-American exile. Born in Regla. I am not defending the Castro brothers and never have. You can check my archive back to May of 2006. You say “Fidel and Raul Castro are still in power in Cuba because of their bloody oppressive, cutthroat nature towards the people they rule.” I say they have been able to get away with this because of the embargo. If there would have been the free exchange of ideas from the beginning, i think Cuba would be much different today. Gentlemen, we have tried it your way for 50 years and nothing has changed.

  5. There you go again with you embargo argument that has been debunked every which way here at Babalu over the years.

    Your free exchange of ideas with the Castro brothers DOES NOT and WILL NEVER, EVER work with the likes of evil characters like Fidel and Raul Castro.

    My goodness, for a Cuban-American exile born in Regla you’re beyond clueless…

  6. No, Stogie. Folks like you who want to encourage travel to Cuba and leave hard-earned capitalist-earned cash in a castro-created third-world communist hellhole.

  7. Stogie:

    Send millions of American tourists to Cuba to freely exchange ideas? My goodness, that is an absolutely brilliant idea, Stogie! I can’t believe five decades have gone by and no one has thought of that!

    Because you know that the millions of tourists who visit Cuba every year from Canada, Italy, Spain, the UK, France, South America, and various other free countries have done such a great job of exposing the Castro regime for the sham and repressive tyranny that it is. We have to be patient, of course. Certainly 20+ years of unbridled capitalist tourism invading the island, consuming its resources, enjoying its jineteras, and pumping billions into the Castro regime’s coffers while Cubans live in misery and oppression is not nearly enough time for your plan to work.

    Yes, let’s send millions of American tourists to Castro’s Cuba and perhaps in another 20, 30, or maybe even 50 years the dictatorship will finally succumb to the pressure.

    Te debe dar pena coming in here with such a lame argument.

  8. No pena here Mr. de la Cruz, we have been doing your way for 50 years and the only ones hurting is the Cuban people. Fidel and Raul are doing just fine.

  9. stogie,

    Your argument is getting played out. The more the Obama administration opens up travel and trade to Cuba the more the Castro regime continue to oppress its people.

    I know that you have no shame to do business with Castro brothers; your intentions are obvious to me.

    For the last time the embargo has not been fully enforced for the last 50 years; if it would the Castro brothers would be history.

    And since you like to label us hard line right wingers in which category do you fall?

    Left wing liberal commie lover?

    Well, since you’re so intent on doing business with the Castro brothers you’re an accomplice to their tyranny whether you like to admit it or not. That makes you a commie lover in my book, regardless if you were born in Regla.

    I rather remain a right wing hardliner; at least I’m not an accomplice to the Castro brothers.

    Remember that South Florida these days is full of Cuban exiles sympathetic to the Castro tyranny and I suspect from stories that I have heard that the Tampa area harbors a few of these characters too. Who knows, maybe you’re one of them in disguise…

    Que pena me da tu caso…

  10. “and while we are there we can teach the Cuban people how nice democracy is.”


    I can picture you liberating Cuba from Fidel Castro and bringing democracy to the Cuban people one mojito at a time…

    You’re so full of it that it is pathetic…

  11. Freedom For Cuba (whoever you are), Left wing liberal will be fine (It is on my blog) i am not a commie lover. I do love mojitos. This is getting boring, i will leave you with a comment someone left on my blog.

    Anonymous said…
    Babalu bloggers hate the Cuban people for not rising up against Castro and they hate the exiles that return to the island because they undermine the embargo. In other words, the only Cubans that they tolerate are those who think exactly like them. Everyone else is a Castroite.

    Viva Cuba, Viva La Revolución (maybe i am one of them in disguise)
    Pathetic in Tampa.

  12. Stogie:

    The world has been doing it “your way” for more than two decades and the positive impact for the Cuban people has amounted to exactly zero. The only important difference in the outcomes between both approaches is that the Castro family has picked up a few extra hundred million along the way using “your way.” You can be intellectually dishonest with yourself to your hearts desire, but you will not be afforded that selfish luxury here.

    I am not surprised that you are not ashamed. If you were an intellectually honest person with a modicum of shame, te daria pena offering a stale and bankrupt argument. But it is obvious that you do not think that highly of yourself.

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