When is a working “burger-flipper” a good employment figure?


Of course, with Gov. Perry tossing his Ten Gallon Hat into the GOP race for the 2012 POTUS ticket, the MSM has to get busy fast on ‘deconstructing’ the man whose state has led the nation in growing employment (yes, it’s “employment”, not “unemployment” … no typo), business growth, and strong economy. Perry might very well become Obama’s adversary, and burr under the saddle, in his 2012 attempt to remain in the rent-free White House with all the luxury perks. For all Obama’s breast-thumping of success in ‘creating’ jobs, Texas has the distinction of boasting almost half of any new jobs (and non-government jobs at that) in the nation by not following Obama’s grand ‘change’ plan in regulations, taxes, and policy. Rick Perry can strongly stand toe to toe with Obama on a debate stage and provide a solid record of government getting out of the way and with new manufactoring growth making Texas a welcome environment for companies to relocate and hire Texans to work. Texas is even leading the way in fighting the federal agencies under Obama that would crush existing jobs/industry/employment through ridiculous overreaching restrictions and regulations, while actually cutting government spending in the state. The state also shows one of the strongest population growths in the country. However, apparently the media has no problem with Obama’s new jobs claims being minimum wage jobs (see: the McDonald’s reference below), and even more government jobs (where those wages come from private sector workers’ taxes).

But CNN wants us to know a lot of these jobs just aren’t worth all the Perry hype.

Texas has gained more than 1 million net new jobs in the decade Perry has led the state. And it’s been going strong since the recession ended.


But that doesn’t mean that all is well with employment in the Lone Star State. Texas leads the nation in minimum-wage jobs, and many positions don’t offer health benefits. Also, steep budget cuts are expected to result in the loss of more than 100,000 jobs.

Perhaps most importantly, Texas can’t create jobs fast enough to keep up with its rapidly growing population. Since 2007, the state’s number of working-age residents expanded by 6.6%, nearly twice the national average.

Factoring in that population growth means Texas would need to create another 629,000 jobs, or 5.6% more positions, just to reach its pre-recession employment level, according to the Economic Policy Institute. […]

Not in so many words, I guess CNN believes the jobs are the scale of ‘burger-flippers’. Funny, I distinctly recall during the George W. Bush administration when unemployment was barely above 5% (right at the rate it was when Clinton ran for a second term on it as a good thing … gawd, I loves the interwebs) the democrat talking-heads (one in particular I heard on CNN was James Carville, former Clinton administration wonk) chastised Bush’s low unemployment rate as negative and mostly such ‘burger-flippers’ and ‘underemployed’. However, a couple months ago the Obama administration and media sycophants couldn’t wait to credit Obama for burger giant McDonald’s massive new job hirings as somehow attributed to Obama’s policies finally paying off and turning the economy around for job growth.

During the Bush 5.+% unemployment administration the same complainers bemoaned a lot of those employed were under-educated (no college) as well. Given the unemployment rate right now tickling close to 10% (and much higher if you get down to rating it to the standards the way the dems and media did for Bush) a college degree/education isn’t helping very much.

Even in that bastion of knowing what is best for the unwashed in this nation, Washington D.C. boasts a 50.1% unemployment rate for teens. African-Americans are carrying a lot of the current unemployment rate on their backs, and it’s eroding the African-American middle class … a voting base Obama and the democrats strongly target. The Hispanic unemployment rate is not much better … another strong democrat voting block. And apparently illegal aliens are also hardest hit (another strong democrat voting— well, you know). Not to be left out there are those over-educated white males and others. The same negative prospects loom for women.

The Texas economy isn’t perfect, but it is one of the best in the nation. (Keep an eye on democrat/union traumatized Wisconsin too) Whether or not you like Gov. Rick Perry, or if he will even end up getting the nomination to head the GOP 2012 ticket for POTUS, it cannot be overlooked that of all the candidates debating for the chance to challenge Obama for the White House, the Texas governor is possibly one of the only ones that can blow the man out of the water with a positive and growing record of success in job and business growth in the territory he has been in charge of for ten years. For Obama to make such a claim in a debate against Gov. Perry he would, at the very least, have to lean on Texas as nearly 50% of his alleged success … and that dog just won’t hunt.

So, even if Gov. Rick Perry isn’t quite your final pick to lead the GOP to victory over Obama, let’s just take former Gov. Sarah Palin’s advice

“I’m of the mind of ABO — Anybody But Obama, at this time.”

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7 thoughts on “When is a working “burger-flipper” a good employment figure?

  1. I guess he didn’t have a problem with this burger flipper having a job…but anyways, I read this commentary at CNN too and that’s where the dividing line is this next election: is it better to be unemployed from an exalted “manufacturing” job that would have provided you healthcare if you still had it, or actually working for whatever you can earn until better opportunities come around? The author of this article basically admits that the liberal position is that high unemployment in the absence of high paying jobs is preferable to low unemployment in the presence of whatever jobs are available. Go ahead Dems! Run on that! Please!!!

  2. Lazaro:

    Nice! Very nice!

    That’s the thing about ‘spin’ … sometimes the spinners get their foot caught in a loop and end up being dragged over the cliff.

    Beating Obama in 2012 will not only be a defeat for him and his progressive party, it will be a defeat for the MSM that has campaigned so hard for him since the 2008 cycle.

    Watch the Palin video from Iowa a few down the Babalu page. She takes it to the MSM for not vetting Obama in 2008, but for vetting the hell out of her (and finding nothing to nail her on).

  3. oh, he eats his fat, grease-dripping loaded burgers in peace: he just won’t let US eat ours in peace, with that shrill, angry-faced, buck-toothed shrimp-guzzling wife

    spare us

    ever check out their menu when on vacation? when hosting WHouse dinners? WHENever???? these people are a menace to the lobster & shrimp populations of the world

    freaking hypocrites

  4. -and as for “Texas can’t create jobs fast enough to keep up with its rapidly growing population”: is THAT a problem? was it an issue for NYC during early 1900? was it a disaster for the west during settlement? what makes the pinheads think that people won’t fidn work just because the place is getting more crowded? more people = more talent and more need for products & services


    we like Texas just fine, thank you – that’s why we moved here

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