What the hell?

So I’m sitting at home, minding my own business, watching Inside 9/11 on the National Geographic channel and the show cuts to a Dos Equis beer commercial. I’m sitting there when something catches my eye. I rewind my DVR feed, take out my trusty Canon EOS Rebel XTi and take a snap of my TV screen. I say to myself, “no fucking way!” This is what I captured:

Dos Equis Beer supports cuban tyranny


What. The. Fuck. What does visiting Cuba on a Cuban airliner have to do with beer? I guess the “most interesting man in the world” is also a commie bootlicker. Fuck him: I’ll never drink that stinking beer again.



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  1. Before we throw The Most Interesting Man in the World off a cliff let me say something in his defense. The campaign features a series of vignettes of TMIMITW doing exotic things throughout his life. Many of the vignettes are in black and white and feature a younger TMIMITW. The screen grab shows him disembarking from a plane that says Cuba but the flight attendants are clearly wearing vintage uniforms. Is it possible that TMIMITW visited Cuba pre-1959? Or perhaps TMIMITW visited Cuba under cover.

  2. I think we all know exactly what this subliminal message is all about:

    “It’s fun to travel to Cuba, gringos! Oh you can’t? Because of the evil embargo? Damn it! And damn those hardliners in Miami, too!”

    Whatever. I’m so fucking sick of the complicity of so many with the murderers in Havana. Fucking disgusting.

  3. Is there no end to that regime???? [rhetorical question]. So, now its using subliminal messaging. You have to give credit where credit is due, the level of sophistication of castro’s propaganda machinery would make Goebbels blush!

  4. Drillanwr is right. This is definitely not pre-59. The clothes is vintage, but not from the 1950’s. It’s either 60’s or early 70’s. If anything, the most interesting man in the world went to Cuba at the height of the cold war when Cuba was a Soviet client which makes him even more “interesting” in the eyes of the marketers who created this commercial, since he is “doing his own thing,” and thumbing his nose at Uncle Sam at a crucial time. Isn’t that Cuba’s selling point? See it before it changes! It’s your right to go! Well, the most interesting man in the world did precisely that since, he doesn’t take shit from anyone including the United States!

    The subliminal message is clear and strong. It’s like when product companies used to form part partnerships with Hollywood. They used to pay MGM or United Artists money, so that some beautiful and famous Hollywood starlet would smoke a cigarette, or open a bottle of Coca-Cola in the middle of the movie. It was all done in the background, but the results would be that nearly instantaneous: people would start buying more cigarettes, or Coca-Cola, or whatever product was being marketed.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Dos Equis Beer got together with the Ministry of Cuban Tourism to do this. I don’t think that it’s casual. I read this book years ago on how this is done. Marketers have psychologists working for them. Practically every good commercial has a subliminal message that is hard to pick up on casual glance, but that is always picked up by the subconscious. Most of these messages are quite sexual, as the image of TMIMITW walking down the stairs with two beautiful stewardesses. Undoubtedly, he is going to make love to the beautiful brunette once they get to Havana.

  5. The Cubana logo in the 1950s didn’t look at all like the one on that plane. That is the new logo used on the current planes.
    Here is a photo of a Cubana Airlines plane in the 50s http://www.flickr.com/photos/peachhead/4459301469/

    The stewardess’ uniforms, if I remember correctly, were a white blouse and a blueish-grey top and pants.
    I’m probably the only one old enough here to have flown on those planes 🙁

  6. Uh, it’s a Mexican beer. Mexican, not Czech. So you folks were expecting, what, sensitivity? Solidarity? Forget the commercial. I wouldn’t buy it anyway.

  7. My vote is with “vintage” look, at least an ‘attempt’ to make it look vintage 1950’s. The reason I say this, is that the stewardess’s are wearing ‘gloves’. Something they did back then. I don’t believe you see that anymore.

  8. Maybe to add to the “vintage” look they can add an abstract blood splatter pattern, like the one on the walls of La Cabaña. Very chic and artistic. Just like the commercial.

    /end disgusted sarcasm

  9. George, this is nothing. These people are so OK with the status quo in Cuba that it may not even be deliberately malicious. It may not have crossed their minds that there was anything wrong with this. Just business as usual, that’s all.

  10. Folks this is deliberate! Dont be fooled by these clowns. Dos Equis is Mexican beer and we all know how Mexico supports the Cuban government. It’s a slap in the face of all of us Cubans who want the embargo enforced and the Castro brothers out! If TMIMITW visits Cuba it must be cool right? I wonder what hotel this ass stayed in?

  11. Actually, what’s been striking me every time I glance at the photo, he looks as if he’s trying to look like a young Castro.

    Watching the whole commercial at the youtube link Henry provided above the entire ad looks to be going for a vintage look. The opening gambit looks like possibly another dictator encounter. Not sure which/when. And I simply cannot figure out the native/caveman-looking golf sequence…

    Oh, and since it is supposed to be the star of the beer ad and he’s gray at the end tag, his hair is dark and long and he’s obviously younger … so yeah, vintage eras. Is he doing an “In your face” to these people/countries he’s visiting, or what? I never did get the big picture on these ads.

    Personally, I like the Tony Sinclair Tanqueray ads better.

  12. Vintage garb to go with the vintage cars. Cuba is so quaint! Go now before capitalism takes over and ruins it all. How many stories have we seen lately about flights to Cuba? This ad isn’t just selling beer.

  13. No doubt travel agents everywhere are eagerly awaiting that National Geographic piece. I expect it’ll be wall-to-wall picturesque and quaint third-world “simplicity.” So refreshing and, you know, unspoiled. Basic, earthy, happy natives (or able to act happy for the cameras, at any rate).

  14. The general tone of these commercials is always that he is “adventurous”, and the theme here is that a real “adventurer” goes to Cuba, which is far more “interesting” than your run of the mill Paris Vacation.

    They are clearly selling Cuba as a forbidden chic paradise, that only the “interesting” and “cool” people visit. It reminds me of where I read recently that American millionairres have been taking exclusive tours of “interesting” North Korea. 🙁

  15. Rayarena couldn’t have said it any better, she hit it on the head. Yet, this being a Mexican beer and all us of knowing how low and complicit these miserable bastards have always been towards the unpardonable Castro Sect-Camp, at least it pleases me to know that the day Cuba returns to capitalism no one will put a foot in Mexico.

    Just give Cuba 10 years of post-communism and it will be buying Mexico’s tourism infrastructure on Ebay. Are we to think they don’t know it? Let’s see if they will be advertising Cuba then. But hey, at least a capitalist Cuba will offer them an assortment to find more good looking Cuban actors and actresses for their novelas and for them to masturbate.

  16. Guys, let me explain something about the industry I work in, advertising. The agency that created the campaign and the character of TMIMITW is American. The client is the American division of the Dos Equis company. The campaign, which put Dos Equis on the map in the US is about a fictional character who “has done it all”. That’s what supposedly makes him interesting. He high dives in acapulco, he sky dives in a kayak. He keeps a puma as a pet. At the end of each spof he says in his foreign accent “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer dos Equis.” The creatives that wrote this particular spot probably presented a dozen possible vignettes to film and they chose this as one of them. The plane was painted with the word Cuba on the side (not cubana) and the whole thing has a vintage feel to it. For a lot of reasons, cuba is considered exotic to most Americans. Hemingway, etc. The spot doesnt say people should go to Cuba. It merely suggests that TMIMINTW did and it’s one of the many experiences that makes him TMIMINTW. I just have hard time getting my panties in a bunch over this one.

  17. Fuck TMIMITW, fuck Dos Equis beer, and fuck the idiot “creatives” who made this spot. They could have chosen somewhere else for their little vignette — Bali, Hollywood, Victoria Falls, deepest darkest Africa, Hialeah, whatever — but they chose Cuba. Fuck ’em. It sends a bad message.

  18. It bugs the he’ll out of me. Especially coming from an American division. It also suggests that it’s fine to go to Cuba and spend your American dollars to support the Cuban commies who oppress their people. That’s what I see. It may not bother Americans with no understanding of Cuba’s brutal dictatorship or are indifferent to it but It’s disgusting, insulting and frankly uninformed to me. You may be fine with it but I’m not.

  19. “They could have chosen somewhere else for their little vignette” — my thoughts exactly; this is deliberate.

    First time i saw the commercial, it looked to me like a james bond wannabe paid to push a beer nobody knows around here. I hope it stays that way.

  20. That’s what’s wrong with the so called creative minds. They
    have no common sence, they have no knowledge of reality and are stuck in their own self absorbed world. How can anyone not appreciate TMIMITW and his journeys? He’s been everywhere, he’s open minded, he’s what we all should strive to be. The absence of reality. Personally I live in the real world and my experience tells me that visiting a communist island where it’s people are oppressed it’s peole are starving and have no chance to succeed is wrong. If that’s called interesting I want no part of it. Then again I tend to think for myself and don’t let advertisers make my decisions.

  21. Henry, I can believe there was no covert malice involved, but there is obviously insensitivity, indifference and cavalier carelessness, which is no doubt par for the course. “TMIMITW” would never have been shown frolicking in Sun City while apartheid was in effect in South Africa, if you get my drift. In any case, I personally want nothing to do with any Mexican beer. There are far better choices, and plenty of them.

  22. I agree with George: “It sends a bad message.”

    Anyone who is even minimally familiar with the most basic principles of marketing 101 understands that good marketers use studied and sophisticated psychological manipulation in order to get the consumers to buy their products. This is why they hire beautiful starlets to endorse their products [remember the enormously successful Catherine Deneuve and Chanel No. 5. ad?]. Even when it is unintentional, the power of the TV and the movies to get a message across should never be underestimated. Back in 1934, Clark Cable took off his shirt in what was then considered a racy scene in the movie, “It Happened One Night.” Americans gasped when they saw that he didn’t have an undershirt, and American men realized that they, too, did not have to wear one if the dashing Cable didn’t do so. Over night T-shirt sells in the United States dropped 75%!! It virtually paralyzed the industry. The subliminal power of advertising is enormous. People want to be like Catherine Deneuve, like Clark Cables or like TMIMITW. One way is to buy Chanel No. 5, not to wear t-shirts or to buy Dos Equis beer and to do other things that TMIMITW does including go to Cuba. I’m not saying everybody is going to go running to buy the next ticket to fly to Cuba, but it will certainly make the prospect very attractive and many may actually eventually opt to do so.

  23. Ray, it’s only a bad message to people like us, who happen to be the only minority it is OK to disrespect and offend. As far as the establishment is concerned, theres’ absolutely nothing wrong with the ad and we’re just “paranoid.” As I said, this sort of thing is so acceptable and commonplace it’s seen as “normal,” and strictly speaking, it is.

  24. Asombra,

    Of course, I agree with you 100%. On the surface, it’s only a bad message to us, but I was referring to a bad message in a deeper manner. What I meant was that its amoral and its an endorsement of a tyrannical regime. Obviously, they dont’ see it that way, but that doesn’t mean that is not that way. Nazis don’t see Hitler as evil, etc.. Do I make myself clear?

  25. “I’m not saying everybody is going to go running to buy the next ticket to fly to Cuba, but it will certainly make the prospect very attractive and many may actually eventually opt to do so.”

    The same morons who voted for Obama…

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