Castro regime marks another Sunday of repression

The dictatorship of Fidel and Raul Castro continues its Sunday repression and violence against peaceful women in Cuba. Here is more coverage of the brutality against women that took place yesterday on the island:

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Another Sunday in Cuba: More repression and news bureaus remain silent
Ladies in White harassed and detained in Cuba again this Sunday

Update: Yoani Sanchez lists on twitter those detained today in Matanzas: Arrested today Yaneris Perez, Laura Pollan, Caridad Burunate, Sara M Fonseca, Julio L Perez, Carlos Olivera, Lazaro Diaz, and Francisco Rangel.

Today, regime agents were at it again detaining Ladies in White and their supporters, to prevent them from attending Mass. Laura Pollán, spokeswoman for the Ladies in White was detained in Colón, Matanzas on her way to join with women attending Mass there and returned to Havana. Others were detained, according to Yoani Sanchez, among them Jose Alberto Alvarez whose wife can be reached at +53 53341878 to inquire about his whereabouts. The regime is advertising ahead of time its continuing violence against nonviolent Cuban activists such as the Ladies in White. As usual the dictatorship blames the United States as the cause for the women’s protests not that their loved ones have been unjustly imprisoned and deserve to be free. News bureaus remain mute on this ongoing story. Thankfully international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Frontline, Human Rights First have not remained silent and along with a few international media outlets reported on what is taking place.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Castro police arrest 5 members of Damas De Blanco (UPDATED)

Five members of the Cuban Damas De Blanco were arrested in Matanzas province on Sunday, the latest move in the Castro dictatorship’s crackdown on the peaceful dissident group, according to Radio Marti.

(Another report said 10 members of the group or their supporters were arrested.)

Among those detained was Laura Pollan, the leader of the group made up of the wives, mothers and other family members of Cuban political prisoners.

Pollan and three others — Yaneris Pérez Rey,  Sara Marta Fonseca and Caridad Burunate Gómez — were arrested in Colón as they tried to walk from Perez’s house to Sunday Mass, Pollan’s husband, the former prisoner of conscience Hector Maseda, told Radio Marti.

(A side note: Fonseca, a leader of the Rosa Parks Feminist Movement, was one of four women arrested last month during a protest on the steps of the old Capitol in Havana.)

The reports Sunday did not state their current whereabouts. At least three other dissidents were arrested Sunday to keep them from going to Mass, according to Radio Marti.

A fifth Dama, Leticia Ramos Herrería was arrested in Cardenas, in Matanzas, and she was being held under house arrest.

iMeanwhile, tThe Damas De Blanco were allowed to carry out their weekly march to Mass in Havana, but police blocked four supporters from joining the procession, according to Radio Marti.

UPDATED, 10:05 p.m. EDT Laura Pollan has been released.

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