“Let’s get it on” Jane Fonda to Che Guevara

voulez-vous coucher avec moi–CHE soir?”

“IF ya think I’m sexy, AND ya want my body COME-ON sugar let me know’

A new biography of Jane Fonda by Patricia Bosworth reveals a lifelong lament by the famous actress: “My biggest regret” Fonda is quoted during a “feminist consciousness-raising session,” according to the book’s account, “is I never got to f*** Che Guevara.”

In case you read Townhall, Ms Fonda, here’s some consolation, honey: “I used to call him El Gallo (the rooster)” recalled Carlos Figueroa who was Ernesto Guevara’s adolescent friend in Alta Gracia, Argentina. “I’d be visiting him and eating in his family’s dining room and whenever the poor servant girls would enter Ernesto would promptly grab her and force her to lay on the dining room table where he’d have rapid intercourse with her. Immediately afterwards he’d throw her out and continue eating as if nothing had happened.”

“Es un gallo—un gallo! (He’s a rooster!—rooster”) complained a scowling Berta Gonzalez a few years later upon emerging from her Mexico City bedroom summer of 1955. This was shortly after his Motorcycle Diary trip, when the hobo Ernesto Guevara was scribbling unreadable poetry and mooching off women in Mexico City, where he met Fidel and Raul Castro. Berta Gonzalez was a Cuban exile in Mexico at the time.

Gallo, as you might have guessed, is a common pejorative by Spanish-speaking women against men who terminate carnal encounters prematurely.

Our friends at Towhall help inform with items utterly unknown everyplace over.000000217 millimeters outside Miami-Dade borders.

Fijense como este Fontova, el muy cabron, empieza su articulo como si fuera algo en un tabloid del supermercado, o un episodio de Desperate Housewives–para ENGANAR a lectores Americanos que Fontova, el muy sinvierguenza, sabe bien que no tienen el minimo interes en la historia de las presas de Cuba. Pero el articulo se trata casi todo de estas presas Cubanas!….y tiene casi nada sobre Jane Fonda!….Pero que tipo mas DESCAR’AO!!!



3 thoughts on ““Let’s get it on” Jane Fonda to Che Guevara

  1. It’s unbelievable how easy it is to manipulate people. I guess that Jane Fonda believed the myth of the heroic and brave revolutionary that single handedly toppled a corrupt government, instead of the truth:

    Undersized asthmatic Keystone Cop type loser who never won a single battle and who hid in the Sierra Mountains with fidel until Batista left the country and then came out and safely occupied the vacuum.

  2. Ah, that Che, such an egalitarian and proto-feminist. He didn’t see women as women, of course; that would have been too traditional. He saw them as masturbation aids. All very advanced and post-modern, naturally. He didn’t worry about women being female or anything; he just dehumanized them and used them, and what little they got out of it was more than they deserved, because, unlike poor Jane, they could always say they got to fuck Che (in the copulatory version of speed reading). Well, I hope Jane at least got to fuck John Kerry (aka “ese huevo quiere ketchup”). But really, the solution to Jane’s problem is simple. She can just call up Benicio del Toro, get him to dress the part, and do her like a rooster. He should certainly be willing to pity-fuck such a, er, legend. After all, Jane deserves some, uh, fulfillment (which must be pretty hard for her to come by these days), even if it’s only for a few seconds.

  3. And Ray, I doubt Jane really cares about truth vs. myth, but she knows how big a deal Che was turned into, and she wanted him on her CV. It would fit beautifully next to her Vietnam antics, and it would impress her crowd to no end. These celebrity people are all about image, fashion and perception. Truth and substance are beside the point.

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