“Untouched”: From Rescue To Redefining Recovery

You hear it in accidents and disasters, and on 9/11 … This has gone from a rescue to a recovery. That means there is no hope to find anyone alive. The job now is to find the victims’ remains and bring them home to their families.

I stumbled across another hidden story of 9/11. This is FDNY’s Firefighter John Morabito of Firehouse 10, Ladder Company 10 in Manhattan that was built in 1979 at the completion of the construction of the World Trade Center specifically to protect the WTC, answering roughly 600 emergency calls a year at the two towers. The firehouse was about 50-100 yards away from the South Tower. The guys were at breakfast in the firehouse and heard the first plane hit the first building. Firefighter John Morabito tells his jaw-dropping story of 9/11 from that moment on. It’s 4 parts from a TV program on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN network called “Miracle Detectives” that I gather centers on finding and telling stories of miracles in people’s lives. Here are parts 1 and 2, and the links to 3 and 4. Please take the time if you can spare it to experience Firefighter John Morabito’s incredible story of impossible survival, and the faith that got him through moment to moment of that terror-filled experience of death and destruction to find his own clarity and perspective 10 years later. I promise you will not regret it.

Part 3 and Part 4

In part 4 Firefighter John Morabito’s revelation of walking across the bridge to leave Ground Zero and what he discovered on the other side is, quite simply, astounding. He also explains that he and the other surviving firefighters of Firehouse 10 came to the stark reality they were not going to rescue anyone from the rubble, and the post-9/11 determination that I call redefining recovery as his firehouse was tasked with not only recovering the remains of victims, but to keep and rebuild Firehouse 10 to recover, rescue, and rebuild their purpose as a firefighting company. They now have a new mission to be the extended family for those Firehouse 10 brothers that left families behind. I read last weekend during the 10th anniversary that Hollywood has dropped the ball on 9/11. They really have not given a good effort to make movies that depict any of the many stories of that day. This is one that deserves being shared.

I’m telling you … just when I began feeling we were getting hopeless drowning in all this “hope and change” I, just as Firefighter John Morabito, am seeing that glow of gray light through the choking dark cloud and share his conclusions of that day. I have a growing faith in the American people. The John Morabitos and the 9/11 boat lift captains are not anomalies. We are going to have to do this ourselves, but we are going to make it out of the rubble and redefine recovery…

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