12 thoughts on “‘Occupier’ in DC explains why it was OK for Che Guevara to murder innocent people

  1. He only knows what he’s been taught from our history courses in school. We all know that history books tell a different story from what really happened in Cuba and that was mostly because our State Department screwed up by letting Castro and Che come to power. So, what better way to convince everyone that getting rid of Batista was a good thing, then to make him out to be a really bad guy. BTW, I know for a fact that Batista did not want to stay in power. He was plannning on leaving once a new president was elected and put in place. Believe it or not, he wanted there to be a smooth transition of power. As stated in a letter, he’d rather be in Daytona fishing with my father.

  2. This is why I could never be a reporter. It would be impossible for me to just stand there listening to this idiot without reacting.

  3. come mierda, y como el hay miles.

    Cuba in 1959, had a literacy rate of over 80%, third in Latin America, behind Uruguay and Aregntina.

  4. If things are so good in Cuba why did approximately 9 thousand Cubans leave during the past year, most risking their lives in the process? (Calculation corrected)

  5. What this guy spews is no different from what 95 per cent of professors and pundits in this country (actually, in the WORLD) spew. We’re a lonely voice, hermanas and hermanos. Calling us “a voice in the wilderness” would actually be UNDERplaying our loneliness.


  6. What this people don’t know, and the MSM would definitely never tell, is that Batista was a man of the LEFT!!!! Yup, the man they despise and love to hate, was one of them… A Socialist. The only difference was that Batista was very pragmatic and understood CAPITALISM… Not to mention that he also LOVED Cuba.

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