Sara Marta Fonseca will not back down

Cuban democracy activist and peaceful opposition leader Sara Marta Fonseca has been subjected to beatings, detentions, threats, and much more. Yet this courageous woman refuses to back down from the cowardly thugs of the Castro dictatorship.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Sara Fonseca, Detained and Threatened, but her Perseverance Remains the Same

For the first time since the death of Laura Pollan, the Ladies in White decided to continue the tradition of their weekly literary meetings in the headquarters of the group, the very home of Laura in Havana, this Tuesday October 18th.  But the functionaries of the Cuban regime also decided to continue their accustomed acts of violence and impediments, unleashing an aggressive operation with the intent of not allowing the women dressed in white to carry out a peaceful event such as this reunion.  The prominent dissident Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo, who recently suffered a 2 week long arrest and a brutal beating, was once again victim of state-sponsored violence, suffering a detainment on that very morning.

Fonseca narrates that she set out from her home to the gathering at around 9 in the morning, right after having had breakfast, when she was quickly arrested.  “I felt very bad- besides the obvious, being in mourning over Laura Pollan’s death, which the dictatorship did not respect at all, I had also just eaten and such an aggressive arrest led me to start vomiting constantly throughout the day“.  According to Sara, this operation was set in motion in order “to impede the Ladies in White from reorganizing after the death of Laura“, adding that she and all the other women arrested and harassed on that day were constantly threatened.  “The agents told us that they will not allow us to continue to take to the streets- the same discourse as always.  However, it seems then that we will continue to get arrested because we are not going to stop carrying out our activities .  We are going to continue demanding the freedom of not only every single political prisoner but of the entire Cuban nation“.

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  1. Those are the “brave” Castro goons that will cry…”They made us do it.” after the Castro tyrants meet their maker Lucifer!!

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