Castro dictatorship using children as propaganda tools

The Castro regime has no issue with beating, imprisoning, or even murdering its opponents. The Castro regime also has no issue with enslaving an entire nation, selling its people to the highest bidder. In addition, the Castro regime has shown it has no problem harboring, training, and funding terrorists and terrorist organizations.

Therefore, it should not come as any surprise that the Castro regime has no issue with using children as propaganda tools:

The Cuban children’s theater company La Colmenita will perform one of its own creations, called “Abracadabra,” at Fort Mason on Friday and Saturday.


“Abracadabra,” directed by Carlos Alberto Cremata, was co-written with the children. The story is inspired by the Cuban 5, who have been jailed in the United States for many years on charges including conspiracy and being unregistered foreign agents, but are considered heroes in Cuba. Supporters say the men were gathering information in the United States to prevent Cuban exile groups from attacking Cuba. One of the Cuban 5, Rene Gonzalez, was released from prison this month.

“The children grew up seeing them on billboards,” said Alicia Jrapko, a member of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5, who worked to organize the theater group’s U.S. tour after seeing the children perform in Cuba.

Of course, we all remember when we were six or eight years old and all we worried about was politics and our nation’s foreign policy.



4 thoughts on “Castro dictatorship using children as propaganda tools

  1. I can’t remeber the exact designations, but the U.N. cites Cuba as the best whatever for children. Never mind, that there is no milk past the age of seven, or the total disregard of parental rights, and frequent disregard for the health and safety of the children of dissidents, the abusive forced marches for hours in the hot sun of school children at Castro’s whim, and the terrorizing of innocent children forced to watch executions as a lesson, and the portraying of Castro as God by indoctrination, the deliberate murder of chilfren, i.e. the 13 de Marzo. Just for the violations of the humanity of children the Castro brothers deserve trial for crimes against humanity and execution.

  2. Ziva, and don’t forget that Cuba has become a haven [with the tacit approval of the regime] for traffickers in the sex trade. Europeans and Canadians routinely go to Cuba to have sex with young children. I know of one story that was told to me by a reliable source of an entire family that lived off of a 12 year old. When the mother was chided for allowing her son to prostitute himself, she shot back: “There’s no harm in what he’s doing, he supports and entire family, and he’s not going to get pregnant!!”

    What is truly diabolical is how dastardly the regime is. They understand that by presenting seemingly apolitical and innocent children [at least that’s how the MSM will portray them], they pull the rug from under our feet, because if we dare to protest, we’ll appear to be the heavies, the bad guys.

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