From Drain Cleaner to Cake … It’s All “Racist”

While the DOJ’s top gun AG Eric Holder vehemently opposes voter IDs as racist, I don’t see him jumping on the state of Illinois for their new state law requiring customers to show photo identification before purchasing … drain cleaner. I’m guessing minorities don’t buy Liquid Plumber??

Look for the union label on the majority of those waivers for ObamaCare from the administration and the HHS.

There’s a new tell-all book coming out that makes the Czarina of Food, FLOTUS Michelle Obama, look kinda sorta not so nice. Also, allegedly, after the 2008 election win, she wanted to postpone the move to the White House and hang out at the Obama home pal Tony Rezko helped purchase. However, in the last three years she hasn’t seemed to make the Chicago digs a vacation destination. I think I recall maybe one time the Obama’s have been back there?

Your Excellency: And speaking of the jet-setting FLOTUS … Given her proclivity for taking luxurious holidays on our dime while the rest of the nation is struggling with the household budget, and going without family vacations for another year in a row, a depiction of her as the spoiled selfish Queen of France who mythically stated “Let them eat cake” really doesn’t seem all that nasty, as political cartoons go (and the buff arm has to be a jab at the MSM’s obsession with Mrs. Obama’s ‘toned’ and typically bare arms)…


The photoshop is not new (and I have seen others, of Obama as well), but an LA Times blogger has taken exception, and somehow sees something the majority of people looking at the depiction do not … racism. However, the LAT blogger apparently had no problems with his own paper’s political cartoonist taking an obviously blatant racist stab at then Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Not to worry, however, I believe Mrs. Obama will be able to jet back to that pricey house in Chicago around this time next year … for good.

And an interesting extra … Ace of Spades HQ has a round-up you might find entertaining: Lefties Wet Their Pants Thinking about Post-Obama America
or, I Want What They Fear

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5 thoughts on “From Drain Cleaner to Cake … It’s All “Racist”

  1. Quite frankly, some of these black journalists go being the pale. As the President and First Lady of the United States, Obama and Michelle are open to criticism, humor and satire. When Nancy Regan was First Lady, there were greeting cards going around that depicted her like Evita Peron and they called her “Nancita.”

  2. It’s very simple: equal benefits, actually more than equal, but not equal liability or responsibility. In this particular case, the idea is that MO is entitled to whatever she wants, but should be spared criticism or reproach. It’s a great gig if you can get it, and the problem is not her, but those who buy into this sort of mentality (affirmative action, essentially). She’s simply taking advantage of a great opportunity, which is hardly unusual or surprising. I believe it’s called human nature.

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