Actually, Obama’s Critics are “Smart”


Nile Gardiner at The Telegraph (UK) comes to the defense of Obama’s “dumb” critics. Yeah, a British journalist has to defend the American people against the Obama sycophant American media. Nile Gardiner outlines the counter points to Andrew “Who is Trig Palin’s Real Mom?” Sullivan’s fawning and excusing of Obama’s last three years of basically channeling Hugo Chavez (my words/analogy).

In response to Sullivan’s provocative article, which has stirred up a good deal of debate in America, here are five reasons why President Obama’s conservative critics are significantly smarter in their approach and thinking than his failing Left-wing administration in Washington:

1. Obama’s critics have a far better understanding of the concerns of the American people and the mood of the country


2. Obama’s critics reject big government and the ludicrous idea that bureaucrats know best


3. Obama’s critics reject appeasement of America’s enemies, support America’s allies and don’t believe in apologising for their country


4. Obama’s critics believe that a presidency should behave with decorum, and show respect for opposing views


5. Obama’s critics know a gaffe-prone, embarrassing administration when they see one

Read the whole thing in detail here.



5 thoughts on “Actually, Obama’s Critics are “Smart”

  1. “Sullivan’s provocative article, which has stirred up a good deal of debate.” Bingo. That’s the Brit twit’s whole point, to get attention and promote himself as more-correct-than-thou. Sorry, but I have better things to do than bother with his self-serving nonsense.

  2. I took a ‘pause’ at your “brit twit” remark, forgetting Sullivan is a “Brit”. lol

    The debate that has been ‘stirred’, quite honestly, is a stern look at the enabling of Obama these last 4 years (includes the 2008 run) by the American media.

    Reporting facts and figures now is unfair criticism, and down right “racist” (as we see in the days following Monday’s GOP debate in SC).

    The fact that food stamps assignments have grown greatly under the Obama administration’s failed policies is “racist” to point out.

    Imagine if a republican were in office at the current food stamp allotment rate.

    WHY the GOP field, mostly Gingrich who is currently under liberal/leftist MSM fire for his Obama/food stamp president comments, doesn’t point out, “Hey! More “white” people are on food stamps than “blacks”!” is beyond me.

  3. Anecdote: This weekend I saw a young white woman, the picture of health, very nicely dressed and groomed (including accessories), who at least looked better off than me, nonchalantly produce a food stamp card to pay for her items (many of which were not food). I was not amused.

  4. Photo caption: “I am NOT an angry black man. And if you call me that, Michelle will tear your eyes out.”

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