Self-Righteous Indignation

There have been a few posts here about the new book penned by Mimi Alford who served as a very young intern for JFK. Ms. Alford recounts the lurid details of how she was sexually used by the late president.

As you can imagine, the MSM (oddly enough, female MSMers) is not taking kindly to this woman’s audacity to write a book, burdening society with her side of the story. She appeared on ABC’s “The View” Hen House on Friday, and Barbara Walters was just as indignant as you could ever imagine a JFK sycophant to be. She harped on the idea that Alford would undoubtedly make money on the book, scolded her for not being concerned with how Caroline Kennedy would feel, and pretty much lays Monica Lewinsky’s plight in Alford’s lap. Walters goes so far as to insist Mimi Alford didn’t need to have written the book, citing, “You could have let it go!”

As if Ms. Alford had not been victimized enough by Kennedy, the self-appointed Kennedy toady, despicable socialist shrew, and old news hound victimized her again.

Not an ounce of compassion for Mimi Alford, who was no more than an innocent naïve girl during the early 1960s when women and girls were at the mercy of such men in power, and trapped within an era of society that didn’t speak of such things. Excuse me, but I believe Walters was all-in for the struggle of the women’s lib movement a few years after Alford’s encounters inside the White House. She was among those righteous women claiming women were historically victimized by men in general, and powerful men to be sure, as nothing more than degraded sex objects … treated like meat. All those leading feminists that led the way to the burning garbage barrels with their bras insisted on confessing to all the world the evils done to them by men in their lives … to women in general since the dawn of humanity. But Mimi Alford is to be snorted at and scolded simply because she dares write about the sins committed against her by one of the liberal feminists’ patron saints, JFK … Walters herself mentions Kennedy’s checkered past, yet, insists on protecting him still by trying to verbally bloody one of his victims. Hell, I expected to hear Walters break out into a Louisiana drawl and declare, “Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park…” James Carville-style. But then, I imagine in her high-toned sanctimonious Manhattan scoff she was doing just that by repeatedly mentioning, “You’ll make a lot of money”… as if Mimi Alford was prostituting herself for writing her story in a book.

Makes you wonder how Walters and her ilk would treat a woman that wrote such a book about, say, Ronald Reagan.

Tim Graham of NewsBusters reminds:

Almost four years ago, ABC’s Barbara Walters came out with her memoir Audition, using as its selling point a tale of her tawdry 1970s affair with married black Sen. Edward Brooke (R-Mass.). Seldom has a TV personality been a more shameless public hypocrite than Walters was on Friday with former Kennedy mistress Mimi Alford during an interview on “The View.”

Indeed, and for what it’s worth, let’s not forget feminist Walters also never met a bloody totalitarian male dictator she didn’t fawn over…

As Humberto would say “Unreal”!



4 thoughts on “Self-Righteous Indignation

  1. If only this sort of disgusting shit weren’t real. My take: Walters is a hypocritical careerist who knows how the game is played and shamelessly plays it for all it’s worth. She’s a classic example of someone who’s gotten far more material success than was ever deserved, like all too many others. She’s not about principles or integrity, let alone truth or objectivity. She’s about Barbara Walters, period. I lost all respect for her many years ago, and all she’s done since then has only deepened my contempt. But I’ll say this for her: she does brazen, self-serving bias as well as anybody, and that’s saying something, because the competition is fierce.

  2. And JFK was not a “flawed man.” He was a glorified scumbag, a deliberate deceiver, a man drunk on arrogance and ambition, a monster of selfishness who could screw over millions of Cubans to cover his incompetent ass just as easily as he could screw over an innocent, vulnerable girl to feed his ego and his lust.

  3. Drillanwr, your appraisal of that harridan is accurate. I looked at the video and its horrible. Not that we ever thought Walters had any journalistic integrity. That flew out the window decades ago when she nearly had an orgasm on national TV as she interviewed fidel castro.

    Among things that struck me were her arrogance. How dare she snidely ask, “why did you write the book?” Just because the subject matter doesn’t appeal to her, doesn’t mean others are not interested. I for one am fascinated and plan to read the memoir. And then her not-so-subtle remark about it happening so many years ago, thus calling into question Ms. Alford’s memory. As if someone who was devirginized by the President of the United States could somehow not remember those details well.

    What struck me is that the popular wisdom of the day always gives the victim the benefit of the doubt even if it happened a century ago! Case in point, nobody questioned Anita Hill’s memory vis-a-vis Clarence Thomas and the “liberal” mainstream media never questions the memory of adults who claim that they were molested by Catholic priests decades early when they were children.

    I guess the difference is that Clarence Thomas is a conservative and Catholic priests are members of an institution that opposes abortion and gay rights, and are thus seen as conservative.

    Walters proves that these mainstream media types have no intellectual honesty or principles. As a “liberal” woman, she should side with a former teenage girl who was raped by an older man in power, but she doesn’t. She travels around certain circles, understands the rules of the game and is thus willing to throw a sexually harassed/raped woman under the bus faster than you can bat an eye.

  4. Oh my, poor Mimi…going after the lefts favorite Presidente…The coward in chief, the spineless Kennedy boy…He was too busy cheating on his wife with interns to be a serious president. Now, if Mimi would have suggested that possibly Nixon, Ford or REAGAN! was involved and had done such horrors to a young innocent girl. Fertilizer, imagine the outrage?

    Walters is a hack…she’s a hypocrite and worthless piece of Fertilizer!

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