All Pent Up

And so the New York Times continues to carry all the water it can for the “social experiment” it helped create, has championed and defended for 53 years. In a recent “article” about [r]aul’s real estate “reforms,” The Gray Lady whitewashes over the crumbling walls of that huge slum called Cuba. I guess the title says it all: “Cuba Unleashes the Pent-Up Energy of Real Estate Dreams.” “Pent up energy”… must a new leftist euphemism for misery, deprivation and squalor. Who Knew? The whitewash is applied thick and heavy, stating at one point that Cuba’s crumbling housing problem is a result of the government’s — get this — “jealous grip on construction.”

Yup, that’s it. The jealous Papa [f]idel wanted to do so much for his children,  everything in fact, and it got to be too much, even for him. He tried so hard to make sure that none of his children had more than the others. And now that some of the children by hook or crook are trying to buy real estate while others can only hope to continue to live in squalor , The Gray Lady’s hand-picked “expert” laments: “We should be asking ourselves how such large social inequalities have happened.”

Never mind that [c]astro stole all the real estate in 1959, and proceeded to turn the country into a giant slum, on purpose, to further subjugate and demoralize the citizenry and thus became the world’s largest slumlord. Never mind that the so called real estate “reforms” are just a way to legitimize the theft of ALL Cuba’s real estate from its rightful owners and deed them to the thieves and their cronies. Never mind that the “reforms” are just a ruse to pick the pockets of exiles and foreigners. Never mind that without the rule of law there are no property rights. What matters to The Times and the left is that somehow, the revolution went wrong because not everyone is living in egalitarian squalor. I guess the grip wasn’t jealous enough or something.

This is what we’re up against … Pent up stupidity … Or maybe its just my pent up anger.



2 thoughts on “All Pent Up

  1. It’s not stupidity. Real stupidity is a defect, an unfortunate condition, not a deliberate, conscious choice. It’s like the difference between real and willful blindness. It’s not that these people don’t know any better, but that they’re locked into a certain ideological position and agenda, and they’d rather act in bad faith than admit being wrong for over half a century. In some (or many) cases, it’s not only bad faith but malice. There’s little or no point expecting the usual suspects to do the right thing, and when it comes right down to it, success is our best revenge, and maybe our only possible one.

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