Letter to the Editor

Do not ignore human rights during trip to Cuba

Regarding the Feb. 5 Travel article “Meet me in Havana”:

Your correspondent opened her report on her trip to Cuba by stating that “Ludwig and I had the kind of relationship where I could ask him anything without fear of reproach” — Ludwig being her tour guide and also a government employee. In that spirit, did she feel free to ask him about Alan Gross, a Maryland resident in poor health and serving a 15-year sentence for bringing in communications equipment to link Havana’s small and isolated Jewish community with the rest of the world?

The Post has called Gross “Havana’s American hostage” [Editorial, Aug. 13]. Will the tourists patronizing one of the four authorized American firms listed in a sidebar to her article raise this human rights issue with their tour guides? Isn’t that a legitimate price to be paid by these tour operators now allowed to “lead ‘people-to-people’ trips to the island nation”?

Daniel Mann, Bethesda