What’s new on Cuba travel?

Recently there have been a lot of stories out there plugging travel to Cuba.  Google the words Cuba travel, and there are about 12,500,000 results in 0.26 seconds. Americans are traveling to Cuba in record numbers and everyone from the New York Times, Hollywood’s elite, and some members of congress all hail to Castro’s Potemkin hell.  Why even the Pope is visiting, and wants a sit down with devil himself, a potential event being hyped to the max by the regimes longest serving ally, U.S. media.  It’s interesting to note how deferential the media pundits are being towards to one of their normally favorite targets for denigration, the Catholic Church and the Pope. This is just the latest of an often repeated propaganda campaign intended to garner favor for, and prop up Castro’s failed 53 year old oppressive Stalinist dictatorship – tourism in Cuba isn’t new, and a Pope has visited once before.  All those millions of tourists and that famous previous visit from a Pope has not put extra food on Cuban plates, awarded Cubans human rights, or provided them with livable housing. 

Sometimes photos provide a good dose of reality.  These photos from The Real Cuba show the truth of Castro’s accomplishments.  Cuba before Castro and now:
SanLazaroBuildings   Favela22



One thought on “What’s new on Cuba travel?

  1. Ziva,

    I’ve come to the conclusion that empirical evidence means absolutely nothing to the mainstream media, Hollywood, the Cuba Experts or Academia when it comes to the bizarre upside down world of castro’s Cuba. All that one has to do is to look at old file footage of pre-59 Cuba compared to Cuba today and the difference is astounding. Even the file footage of the of the so-called “guerrilleros” marching into Havana in 1959 shows well-nourished, well-dressed and polished masses waiting for them, unlike what we see today, a miserable Third-World populace. In the old file footage, the streets are cemented, the beautiful buildings are standing, well-tended and gleaming, the shrubs and trees are nicely manicured, and there is a look of prosperity in the air that would make a casual observer think that he is looking at a European capitol not an allegedly poor Caribbean country. Today, Cuba is a Third World country, the streets are cracked and full of potholes, the buildings collapsed, the shrubs and trees overgrown. And yet, nobody sees anything wrong with that. They will still tell you that pre-59 Cuba was a Third World Hellhole and that Cuba today is a prosperous country [free health care, education] with City Historian who is restoring Old Havana. That in Batista’s Day’s, Old Havana was abused, and that there were plans in the works to tear it all down [LIES] in order to built casinos, but that castro stopped that and saved Old Havana, patrimony of the world! Blah, blah…

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