Slime Oil Salesmen

So President Obama came to Miami last week.

At “The U” he shocked the world by proclaiming the end of humanity’s energy problems: Algae:

“We’re making new investments in the development of gasoline and diesel and jet fuel that’s actually made from a plant-like substance — algae,”… “You’ve got a bunch of algae out here, right? If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing all right.”

(Wow! I’m floating on a gold mine, with my pool. I’m the Jed Clampett of Davie…green gold, Florida tea…)

To me, at least, his choice of a venue for this historic pronouncement was ironic.

You see, less than 200 miles south of Coral Gables, there rules a man who holds the record for lame brain, all or nothing problem solving schemes.

And a few miles east, in Miami Beach, there’s the Jackie Gleason theater. Mr. Gleason’s Ralph Kramdem also had a penchant for lame brain schemes that never quite panned out.

I like to think of [f]idel as the Ralph Krandem of dictators since all his proclamations and pronouncements of how his ideas were going to solve Cuba’s problems always failed. Miserably.

Like [c]astro, Mr. Obama’s solutions are always in the future and require sacrifice, perseverance and blind faith in his ideas we can get to a better place. The key is sacrifice. Sacrifice now for Utopia later. A page right of the [c]astro playbook.

Like [c]astro, this grandiose plan of solving our energy problem depends on a big if, but to community organizers and revolutionaries what matters is to organize the masses and move them into new revolutionary realms, not practicalities or market forces. To the President, as with his role model, [f]idel, human nature, market forces, science and reality are things to be overcome and mandated.

Like [f]idel, his idea comes already wrapped in a preemptive mocking of those who would criticize the scheme:

he insisted that drilling for more oil on U.S. territory is “not a strategy to solve our energy challenge.”

No, producing more of the stuff my car runs on, makes no sense. Let’s listen to a salesman selling us slime in the sky so that IF and when we can turn slime into oil 20 years from now when my car runs on hydrogen, gas will be $1.20.

Such irony that Mr. Obama decided to come peddle his slime for oil alchemy to a place where many have already seen this slimy movie.

Even the master slime salesmen in Havana realize that drilling for oil is presently the only way to get oil and they’re “drill baby drilling” 45 miles away. Even the masters of denying reality realize that the only way to meet a demand is to supply it.



3 thoughts on “Slime Oil Salesmen

  1. Gusano, as one of “those people,” your objections don’t matter. What matters here is that UM president Donna Shalala, one of Bill Clinton’s people, got to welcome Obama with all due preference, I mean deference, to UM (which of course HAD to choose a Clintonite as its president, if nothing else to put “those people” in their place). I rather doubt a Republican POTUS, let alone Bush (the horror!) would have been similarly welcomed. And yes, there are quite a few Cuban-American students at UM, but just like you, Gusano, they and their parents don’t matter—unless they happen to be Democrats.

  2. I think the UM students and faculty should be incensed that this bufoon tells them that the answer to $6.00/gal gas is algeae, and tells it to them with a straight face, is this his energy plan?

    And he mocks the drill, drill and continue drilling, hell had we done that 20 years ago, we would be mining our own resources instead of paying the saudis for theirs

  3. Lynx,

    The faculty is nearly 100% percent behind Obama and making sure that the students stay clueless and loyal to Bullshitter in Chief…

    You could think that all that higher education would amount to higher intelligence and the ability to immediately detect all the BS coming out of POTUS mouth but, that isn’t the case and instead those students continue worshiping Obama.

    America is in real trouble my friends, we’re witnessing the fruits of liberal brainwashing on our nation’s future,the youth.

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