Hugo Chavez enjoys the advances of Cuba’s Castro Health Care

Wikileaks gives us more insight into that wonderful health care system provided to the Cuban people by the repressive Castro dictatorship and being enjoyed by Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

WikiLeaks: Doctors of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez disagree over his health

Doctors from Russia, Cuba and China have been bickering over the president of Venezuela’s health and are at odds about the leader’s prognosis, according to a confidential email published by WikiLeaks.

On Monday, the controversial website released a cache of emails stolen from the Austin-based Stratfor analytical firm.

Among the communications was one from December 2011, describing how Russian doctors blamed Cuban medics for botching Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s first cancer surgery and how they had to “clean up the Cuban team’s mistakes.”

According to the report, Cuban doctors thought Chávez had two years to live, while the Russian team gave him one year.



One thought on “Hugo Chavez enjoys the advances of Cuba’s Castro Health Care

  1. Maybe Chávez has been misled as to the seriousness of his condition, and surely he’s been sold a bill of goods as to the quality and reliability of the Cuban medical establishment, even the part reserved for VIPs (which is definitely not what average Cubans get when they seek medical care). Still, he must be either blind or stupid to go with Cuban, Russian and/or Chinese medical people when he could get the absolute best in the world (which is NOT Cuban, Russian or Chinese).

    True, if his case is bad enough, it may well be moot who treats him, but it’s like he’s been hypnotized or seriously deceived. Just because Castro, Inc. needs him to survive doesn’t mean it is the best candidate to save him. Cuban medicine couldn’t save Fidel Castro himself; it took an imported Spanish surgeon to do the trick. Bad choice.

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