Declan Ganley goes after planned Ché monument in Ireland

After putting out a press release denouncing a planned monument to mass murderer Ché Guevara in Galway, Ireland, Irish businessman and political leader Declan Ganley is generating press coverage in Europe regarding this insensitive and insulting tribute to a psychotic killer responsible for the murder of hundreds of innocent people. The Journal in Ireland picked up his denouncement yesterday, and now the Irish Times is reporting on the issue as well.

Via the Irish Times:

‘Che’ memorial plan raises hackles

LIBERTAS FOUNDER Declan Ganley has described plans to erect a memorial celebrating Galway city’s links with Argentinian guerrilla fighter Che Guevara as a “monument to a mass murderer” .

Mr Ganley said that “significant concerns” about the plan had been raised with him by members of the US business community during a trip there last week and that he feared it would “cast a shadow” on Galway’s international reputation.

Warning that it would “damage investment”, he said “we would not build a monument in Galway to Stalin, or to Pol Pot, or to Idi Amin, or to Oliver Cromwell”.

“Che Guevara was just as violent, just as brutal, and just as insane as any of them. We would never dream of honouring them, and we should not dream of honouring him, either,” Mr Ganley said in a statement yesterday.

Mr Ganley claimed that the proposal was “nothing more than the pet project of a small number of extremists in the Labour Party”.

“If the people of Galway knew the truth about this man, they would never allow it to be built,” he said.

“Che Guevara is responsible for the deaths of an untold number of people in his brutal quest for power in South America. Alongside Fidel Castro, he instituted a regime in Cuba from which people have been fleeing for decades. He worked to deny people the right to vote, the right to own property, and the right to freedom of religion. He persecuted Catholics with a psychotic zeal.”

Galway city Labour Party councillor Billy Cameron, a member of the Cuba Support Group, said the proposal had the full support of the city council and was currently before a public arts subcommittee. Funding is to be provided by the Cuban and Argentinian embassies.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna’s grandmother, Ana Lynch y Ortiz, was descended from one of the Lynch family of Galway who emigrated to Argentina in the mid-18th century. Guevara referred to his grandmother’s Irish roots during a stopover in Shannon in 1965.

Mr Cameron confirmed that he had received a number of emails from the United States “bordering on the abusive” in the past week since an opinion piece was published on the proposal in a daily newspaper. “One would question who Mr Ganley’s US contacts are, and [whether] they have connections with members of the US business community based in Miami, Florida,” he said.

“I won’t get into a mud-slinging match with Mr Ganley, but he is obviously being fed information from the extreme right.”

He questioned whether Mr Ganley was aware of human rights violations involving US support, including the celebrated case of six-year-old Elián González and the impact of the prolonged economic embargo on the island.

Mr Ganley said the memorial will be taken as “a grievous insult by the millions of Cubans forced into exile around the world”.

Notice how Galway city Labour Party councillor Billy Cameron, a committed shameless leftist and Fidel Castro sycophant, uses the same vile propaganda tactics of the Cuban dictatorship. His coy allusion to Miami-based businessmen is a not so veiled attempt to marginalize Cuban exiles opposing this despicable monument by labeling them with the infamous “Miami Mafia” title used by the Cuban regime.  More insulting, however, is his reference to the “human rights violations” of the U.S., pointing to, of all thing, the Elian Gonzalez travesty.

As clueless and obtuse as Cameron may appear, he knows enough to qualify him as a truly vile and despicable character. These are the people who defend the Castro dictatorship throughout the world. They are the only ones immoral enough to do it, and lamentably, many of them are in positions of power and influence.

Nevertheless, we will continue to expose them. And, with the help of freedom-loving and honorable people such as Declan Ganley, we will eventually see the truth triumph over the evil lies of the Castro tyranny and their contemptible mouthpieces all over the world.



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  1. Those who, at this late date, are still trying to cash in on ancient radical chic are beyond pathetic. I mean, one expects this sort of thing from Argentina, but I’d have thought the Irish would be above it.

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