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American Castro supporter Julia Sweig on how promoting the same democracy in Cuba that she enjoys in the U.S., which allows her to defend and promote a brutal dictatorship, is a bad, bad, bad thing:

“The democracy programs sound very mom and apple pie–USAID has them around the world, its officials will tell you. But having them in Cuba is an extraordinary provocation.”



5 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. vile, repulsive and highly ignorant! Such is the life of a devout Communist who has never experienced the repression herself….Must be some good books she’s reading!

  2. Future nominee for the Nobel Prize for presumptuous illegitimacy, aka being way, WAY out of line.

    But, in the interest of civility, here’s a memo for Ms. Sweig:

    Any pro-democracy program is a provocation to any totalitarian system, and obviously the problem lies with the totalitarian system, NOT the democracy program or its proponents. In other words, speaking in bad faith will not get you anywhere reputable, respectable or honorable, assuming that matters to you.

  3. She has no reason to think otherwise. Life for the socialist elite does not get harmed. They still get to live their lives at the expense of the “peasants”.

  4. We can’t expect anything different from her. She’s a lobbyist for the castro brothers. In other words, she’s doing what she gets paid to do, and she’s doing a dam good job of it! She has no stake in Cuba. She has no family there, no ties, no executed uncles, jailed brothers, persecuted sisters, etc.., Nothing, zilch. So, it’s nada to her. A big fat zero.

    By the way, she’s a very intelligent woman, so she knows exactly what she’s doing. In essence, to paraphrase Reinaldo Arenas’s description of people like her: she’s considerably even more evil than the regime’s executioners, because they must still live inside Cuba, perhaps suffering to a lesser degree than the rest, but after all life is intolerable for everyone inside Cuba. This woman, however, is profiting from a hell that she is helping to maintain without suffering the heat of its flames.

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