Castro regime: If you can’t beat the opposition, smear them

For the past few years, the Castro dictatorship has been engaged in a never ending “whack-a-dissident” game, violently smacking down one dissident only to see two or three more pop up elsewhere. Apparently, the Cuban regime is growing weary of this game, so they are employing new tactics. Since they cannot seem to get the dissidents to stop popping up, they have decided to launch a smear campaign against them.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

Cuban State Security Unleashes New Smear Campaign Against Opposition Youth Leader

(Far right) Eriberto Liranza Romero, holding the edge of the MCJD flag

Eriberto Liranza Romero, president of the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy (MCJD), was beaten by a supposed dissident when he was on his way to the US Interests Office in Havana this past Tuesday, March 6th, to use a few minutes of internet which this office provides him on certain days, considering that the Cuban regime does not freely allow the use of cyberspace for its own people.  The aggressor was Frank Ernesto Carranza Lopez, who claims to be an independent journalist and secretary general of the dissident organization 30th of November Party.  However, Liranza denounces Lopez as an “infiltrator from State Security“, for, in the last few days, he has started to publish a pamphlet where he discredits numerous opposition activists with the intent of dividing the Resistance.

This has been the latest operation against my character and against the Cuban Youth Movement for Democracy”, explains Liranza Romero, “Carranza Lopez has been putting together a pamphlet which, in addition to having very poor spelling and having many incoherent points, it is also based on lies and slander“.  In the mentioned pamphlet, Carranza accuses Liranza of stealing money from the opposition and of wanting to manipulate and destroy three activists whose names are Raúl Parada Ramírez, Nuri Rodríguez Jiménez and Ángel Luque Álvarez.  However, these 3 dissidents have publicly denied any truth to Carranza’s statements and, in the case of Raul Parada Ramirez, he has even affirmed that he does not even know the supposed independent journalist who has been handing out pamphlets among members of the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Resistance Front with the intention of creating tensions and dividing this national coalition of opposition groups.

When Liranza noticed the manipulation, he head out to the home of Frank Carranza along with Niurka Luque Alvarez, an activist from the Cuban Youth Movement.  “When I arrived at his home, I asked him if he really was the one writing all these things and he affirmed that he indeed was the one responsible and would not deny anything he had said, to which I responded by telling him that the accusations were completely false and also injustices“, recounts Liranza.  The conversation ended there.  After this exchange, the president of the 30th of November Party expelled Carranza from his position.

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