Time To Stop Punching Ovaries … Right or Left … And Get To The Meat

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not advocating pulling back on free speech, I do want to point out the abuses, and then the hypocritical aghast angst and outrage those that flaunt, and even abuse, their free speech feign.

Let’s be clear here. The terminology Rush Limbaugh used in reference to activist and democrat operative Georgetown University’s co-ed Sandra Fluke was not only wrong and vile, but stupid … and I never thought I would use the word “stupid” to describe Rush. Personal responsibility when practicing your rights. I have to ponder, however, if he might not have had a purpose to his nastiness. Whether he did or not, what he has done is bring to the front burner something we have been shouting about since the 2008 election cycle (at least). That would be the double standard misogyny and thoroughly disgusting insults thrown at (primarily) conservative women, and the left’s double standards.

A little side note. Two things here we need to get straight: Those claiming Mz. Fluke is a “private citizen” are wrong. She is no more, or no less, a private citizen than Carrie Prejean was. As Mz. Fluke’s agenda is unraveled we even discover some truths about her, one of which is her purposeful entering of the private Catholic university in order to force them to change their policy on the matter. She officially entered the public arena when she willingly entered the House chambers and gave her error-riddled speech insisting Catholic Georgetown University go against their religious and moral convictions by having the government force them to provide her and all co-eds free contraception (which is provided off campus). Bill O’Reilly points out, Mz. Fluke has handlers behind her, and some linking back to the White House. She is a pawn for the administration and the democrats.

Secondly, the next time one of the democrat talking-heads brushes off the attacks on Fluke vs Palin as “private citizen” vs “public figure”, will somebody please demand a follow-up explanation as to why it is somehow okay to make these disgusting personal sexist attacks on a woman deemed a public figure? We are all private citizens. Some choose to enter the public eye. However, attacking them on a personal, and sexist, level is never acceptable … no matter who it is or who is doing the attacking/insulting. And for the Obama sycophants to fluff-off people such as Bill Maher and Louis C.K. as “comedians” adds injury to the insult. What the hell manner of twisted-head-up-your-ass logic and reasoning is that? Hey, ever notice it’s the liberal/democrat-supporting celebrities that typically drag women back into the demeaning and derogatory catagories the liberal/democrat-supporting feminists have fought decades to get women out of? I doubt Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt are republican voters/contributors. For all the self-righteous snarking the left likes to do when conservatives slip-up on their values/morals they should look in the mirror and realize slip-sliding along in a civilized society is a two-way street and simply dismissing your own behavior as acceptable because you never espouse any values/morals is pure unintelligent bullshit. Remove the plank from your own eye before demanding every conservative/republican shove a pointy splinter into, say, Rush Limbaugh’s eye. Or just shut up about it all, huh? There’s a thought.

And yet, as they defend the “free speech” of their celebrity comrades, they seek, at times such as this, to forcibly silence the free speech rights of others they don’t agree with, and don’t want the masses to hear. This situation, once again, points out the restrictive caveats and conditions the liberals/left/democrats put on the God-given and U.S. Constitution-given rights of anyone, at any given politically expedient time.

It comes down on conservative women, mostly, but as we saw in 2008 if you get in the way of the political agenda of the left, and you are a like-minded sister comrade, you take the attack flack too, even from your political feminist sisters. Just ask Hillary Clinton (here, here, and here … for starters) and (well you can’t but…) Geraldine Ferraro. The fact is, this should not be acceptable, from Rush or from celebrities. The left or the right. Men or women. You might expect when espoused feminists demand “women’s rights and respect” they would not toss political ideology conditions into that. I mean, should only liberal/leftist/democrat “minorities” be allotted such almighty rights and respect in our constitutional republic? I don’t know. Ask Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas, or Marco Rubio … Sarah Palin.

In this current dust-up leftist/democrat men and women have doubled-down on the stupid and the absurdity in all of this either by making asinine assertions, or by remaining doltishly silent. SHE is a “leader”??? Really? If the “equality” of women in this society is still far behind, is it really the fault of conservatives? Even the occupier of the White House, who days after a Congresswoman was gunned down called for civility in our public discourse, but cannot bring himself to step-up and show leadership here and now.

Right now at least two liberal-minded woman have stepped-up and called the left/liberals on their blatant double standards in this matter. The Daily Beast writer (and FOX News contributor) Kirsten Powers wrote about it a couple days ago.

As Greta mentions in the video clip she is voicing her outrage by refusing to go to the Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner where the very controversial and vile comedian Louis C.K. is headlining, and is also calling on Tina Brown to join her in the boycott.

Two footnotes here…

Since 2007-2008 the MSM and the democrats have constantly thrown down the race card whenever Obama has been criticized, vetted, or countered on issues/policy. I do not expect it to be any different in this election cycle. But after the last four years of this crap, and mostly by the usual suspects, today, and in this election cycle where Obama (and the MSM) CANNOT run on his record of his term in the White House, it sounds just as ridiculous and outrageously comical as the top movie clip on this post does…

Cut the crap, Chrissy and Company. The American people are beyond sick and tired of the ignorant personal attacks, and contrived faux “racism” you are using to cushion the failure(s) of this man’s administration and policies. Three years later, we are sick and tired of double the unemployment numbers (this will be vetted probably by the end of the day for the reality of the numbers) of three years ago, paying double (out of a relatively unchanged household budget and paycheck … and for some unemployment checks) for energy/gasoline and the very groceries (and goods) to feed our families. Really? REALLY?? THAT is what American women are very concerned about … NOT the idiotic theater of invented crisis you choose to craft and spin on a daily basis like schoolyard punks. Despicable toadies, all.

And, finally, Perspective … and it is not that much of a stretch to make the analogy here in this swamp of absurdity, but how far removed is our nation’s supposed intelligent and modern society that allows this sort of personal and sexual attacks on women (private or public) from the obscene full-circle Afghanistan has taken with its women?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Endorses The Council of Clerics’ Strict “Code of Conduct” Against Women

I am certain all our troops that left behind grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and daughters are thrilled with the dangerous extent their bravery and loyalty were spent and sacrificed on such an outcome … Well, those who survive(d).


Kudos to my Babalu Brothers who have never called me anything dirtier than I have called myself…

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  1. The hypocrisy of the usual suspects is simply stunning. If it’s OK to call Palin a c**t because she’s a public figure, then it MUST be OK to call Michelle Obama (or Pelosi, Napolitano, Sotomayor, or Mrs. Clinton) the same thing or similar. Does anyone of sane mind and even fair-to-middling intelligence remotely believe that would fly? Hell, NO. Assuming anyone would be crazy enough to pull such a suicidal act, that person would be made to pay, big time. Ask Don Imus. Really, it’s too much. It’s beyond too much.

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