Our friends at The Miami Herald help Babalu expose Castro’s Anti-Embargo Money-Project

“Oye! Pero mira que a los cabrones esos de Babalu Blog le encanta JODER!”

“Time for Plan B”

To label our current relationship with Cuba an “embargo” is laughable. To label it a “blockade” shows appalling ignorance, functional illiteracy — or more likely — Castro-regime advocacy, on its payroll or off. And given the absence of any person or entity registered with U.S. Department of Justice as agents of the Cuban government, we have to assume the latter.

Payments from Castro’s payroll, however, can appear in laundered form. Take the case of the oft-quoted (especially here at The Miami Herald) champion of unfettered U.S. travel to Cuba, Phil Peters of the Lexington Institute. A Nexus-Lexus search shows that Mr. Peters could be properly billed as the mainstream media’s “go-to” source on the Cuba “embargo” issue.

Well, here’s some background on the Lexington Institute’s funding:

In a joint venture with the Castro regime, Canadian mining company Sherritt International operates the Moa nickel mining plant in Cuba’s Oriente province. This facility was stolen by Castro gunmen from its U.S. managers and stockholders at Soviet gunpoint in 1960 (when it was worth $90 million.) Now here’s something from a legal memo uncovered by Babalu Blog as part of a court case discovery: “Canada’s Sherritt works quietly in Washington… recently it has given money to a former State Department employee, Phil Peters, to advance its interests. The money to Peters goes through contributions to the Lexington Institute, where Peters is a vice president. Because the Lexington Institute is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit, there is no public record of Sherritt’s funding. This has allowed Peters to advise and direct the Cuba Working Group (a Congressional anti-embargo cabal) in ways beneficial to Sherritt while presenting himself to the Group as an objective think-tank scholar.”

In brief: One of the Castro regime’s top business partners funnels under-the-table payments to America’s top anti-embargo publicist, who is invariably billed as an “impartial scholarly expert” in every media mention.

Entire intransigence here in the Sunday edition.




3 thoughts on “Our friends at The Miami Herald help Babalu expose Castro’s Anti-Embargo Money-Project

  1. Ya es hora que este viejo cagalitrozo y zarnozo se acabe de morir para que le haga un favor a Cuba.

    Asesino, mentirozo, hijo de la gran puta, diablo personificado…

  2. When it comes to Cuba, there’s always one of those connect-the-dots scenarios that leads back to the regime. Remember Archer Daniel Midlands and how they were behind the scenes of the lift the embargo campaign and sending Elian back to Cuba. Of course, ADM wanted the embargo lifted because they wanted to be able to sell their products in Cuba and sending Elian back was one of the pounds of flesh demanded by castro. So, being as unscrupulous as they are, they acquiesced without batting an eye.

    It’s always one of those things, but the MSM never connects-the-dots. Then again, if we connect their dots, we see that the MSM are also compromised. So, there is no end to the millions of dots that abound when it comes to Cuba.

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