Granma Finally Mentions Andy Garcia’s “The Lost City” (and use ME to slander him!”)


They quote me literally (but yank the tongue out of my cheek) so it comes across as criticism of the film–rather than as criticism of the critics of the film!…Well, nobody said the KGB were bad tutors…

Earlier, many film festivals refused to screen it. Now many Latin American countries refuse to show it. The film’s offenses are many and varied. Most unforgivable of all, Che Guevara is shown killing people in cold blood. Who ever heard of such nonsense? And just where does this uppity Andy Garcia get the effrontery to portray such things? The man obviously doesn’t know his place.

And just where did Garcia get this preposterous notion of pre-Castro Cuba as a relatively prosperous but politically troubled place, they ask. All the Cubans he portrays seem middle class. Where in his movie is the tsunami of stooped and starving peasants that carried Fidel and Che into Havana on its crest, they ask. Where are all those diseased and illiterate laborers and peasants my professors, Dan Rather, CNN and Oliver Stone told me about, ask the critics.

Garcia – that cinematic bomb-thrower – has seriously jolted the mainstream media’s fantasies and hallucinations of pre-Castro Cuba, of Che, of Fidel, and of Cubans in general. In consequence, the critics are unnerved and disoriented. Their annoyance and scorn are spewing forth in review after review.

Entire thing in Spanish from Castro’s eunuch press here.




8 thoughts on “Granma Finally Mentions Andy Garcia’s “The Lost City” (and use ME to slander him!”)

  1. Humberto,

    I wouldn’t let this stand. See if you can contact Andy Garcia via email somehow and let him know of the manipulation of the context…

  2. drill,

    There isn’t much Andy can do against Gramma, because to them he’s an enemy of Fidel Castro.

    On this side of the fence many of Andy’s peers in Hollywood are so much in love with Fidel Castro that Andy will have a tough time swinging the pendulum to our side.

    Why do you think The Lost City had such a limited showing?

  3. It was only mentioned to criticize Andy Garcia, an enemy of Fidel Castro…

    This is how of the Castro propaganda machine operates. If you read the context of the Gramma article is textbook example of how they lie and manipulate the information to benefit their means with total disregard for the truth which has never existed in Cuba under Fidel Castro.

    The way Gramma (the official propaganda machine of the Castro tyranny) writes their articles today is no different from what I read from them while living in Cuba in the 1960’s, early 70s.

  4. I had the privilege of sitting in on a Hollywood press event for
    “The Lost City” after attending a private screening. It was a real eye opener hanging out with the professional critics before the cast came in. Hint: Some of the critics slept through the screening, but reviewed the film anyway.

  5. Oh man, this is awesome. They lost your sarcasm in translation, I suppose. If it wasn’t Granma, I’d frame it and use it often as an example of propaganda and ignorance.

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