Cardinal Jaime Ortega appears on Cuban State television

Havana Archbishop, Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino was given permission by the Castro dictatorship to appear on Cuban State television to address the nation regarding the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba.

Cuba cardinal makes rare televised speech about Pope Benedict XVI’s impending visit

HAVANA — Cuban authorities granted Havana’s Roman Catholic cardinal a rare chance to address the nation Tuesday night on state-controlled television about the imminent arrival of Pope Benedict XVI.

I believe our good friend Zoé Valdés put this development in proper perspective when she said (my translation):

“At last, 53 years later, a figure from the Catholic religion appears on Castroite television, which in reality does not represent any achievement for the Cuban people but solely and exclusively for the Castroite church. […] May the virgin forgive for, but boy do I detest that obedient and ass kissing Catholic jargon.”



4 thoughts on “Cardinal Jaime Ortega appears on Cuban State television

  1. What an achievement! Just like Cubans getting permission to celebrate Christmas when JP II visited! And all the cardinal has to do is make sure he sticks to the approved script and never gives Castro, Inc. any cause for concern. But not to worry, the cardinal knows his place. This is really his party, after all, and he’s not about to spoil it. Strike up the band! Cue Mr. DeMille! The cardinal is ready for his close-up!

  2. That’s “May the Virgin forgive me, but how I detest that obedient and ass-kissing Catholic jargon!” The czar has spoken.

  3. Needless to say, NOBODY gets to address the nation from Cuban TV, which is TOTALLY controlled by the regime, unless the regime explicitly approves and wants that. Now, why would Castro, Inc. do such a “favor” to the cardinal and his organization? You do the math.

  4. I’d never heard Ortega speak before, and when I started listening to this video he sounded funny but vaguely familiar. It took me about a minute to realize he reminded me of Walter Mercado. For those who don’t know who that is, “Walter” is a “celebrity astrologer” or “clairvoyant” or something who looks like a cross between Liberace and Lana Turner. The cardinal is not that extravagant visually, but his vocal delivery is similarly artificial or stilted. Not exactly a good thing.

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