Heritage Foundation/Google Conference on Cuba: Streaming Live NOW! – 10:00 am Eastern

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Cuba Needs a (Technological) Revolution: How the Internet Can Thaw an Island Frozen in Time

Co-hosted by

Interviewed by
Mary O’Grady, Editorial Board Member, The Wall Street Journal

The Honorable Marco Rubio (R-FL)
Member, United States Senate

Mike Gonzalez, Vice President, Communications, The Heritage Foundation
Jared Cohen, Director, Google Ideas

Daniel Fisk
, Vice President for Policy and Strategic Planning, International Republican Institute
Roger F. Noriega, Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Ray Walser, Ph.D., Senior Policy Analyst, Latin America, The Heritage Foundation
Mike Gonzalez, Vice President, Communications, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)

Mauricio Claver-Carone
, Director, U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC
Carlos Garcia Perez, Director, Office of Cuba Broadcasting
Carlos Saladrigas, Co-Chairman, Cuba Study Group
James Glassman, Executive Director, George W. Bush Institute (Moderator)



26 thoughts on “Heritage Foundation/Google Conference on Cuba: Streaming Live NOW! – 10:00 am Eastern

  1. Yes indeed, one very stinky fly that should not be in that conference. I wonder who invited him.

  2. I don’t have a problem with the alleged “fly” being a part of the panel. I’m sure that regardless of the political affiliations of the panelists, the speakers with the logic and facts behind them will carry the day. By inviting panelists of all persuasions to this conservative think tank, we reach out to the liberal think tanks and media outlets to invite speakers with conservative views to their programs. If they don’t, they lose credibility by being perceived as afraid of the truth.

  3. Sorry, but I don’t feel the stinky fly deserves an ounce of respect and entry into a democratic debate regarding Cuba when it supports the cruel tyranny that have destroyed Cuba for generations to come.

    The “infiltrated” stinky fly agenda is to deflect attention from the real issue affecting Cuba which is the Castro tyranny and the steps needed to undermine and toppled it. Plus the stinky fly views are being legitimized by being inserted into the debate.

  4. I disagree with you again, FreedomForCuba. A “democratic” debate has room for all points of view, and the one the with most compelling facts and logic will be the one to prevail. Keep in mind that the panelists in this debate were not preaching only to Cuban-Americans who are well acquainted with the games that the Cuban authorities play to keep information and technology from reaching Cubans. The panelists were primarily reaching out to viewers and listeners who are on the fence and that we want them to be on our side. What better way to win them over than by the soundness of our arguments.

  5. FFC, I understand how you feel, and it is annoying to see despicable people given a forum, but if they don’t talk, other people can’t find out who they are. I am happy he was there, and if you watched the panel, Mauricio put him in his place several times. If he wasn’t there and didn’t speak his mind, then people would not have seen how ridiculous his ideas truly are. It would have been he says this, and the others say that. In this forum, the world got to hear his point of view and then hear that point of view completely discredited for the farce that it is.

    You can’t be afraid to let people talk, even the ones you despise. We have truth on our side, and in the end, we will win. The only good reason to shut someone up is because you cannot defend yourself against them. Luckily for us, that has never been the case.

  6. Jorge,

    Make no mistake about it, the stinky fly is using a Democratic debate to promote his pro-Castro agenda. He’s part of the major propaganda machine that has sponsored all the recent overtures to the Castro tyranny. By providing him a venue to express his agenda it undermines the real issues at hand.

    I’m getting tired of all these pro-Castro characters that use Democratic events to promote support (at time veiled) to a tyranny. You may want to provide them a venue to express and that’s your choice that you will eventually come to regret.

    The issue at hand is that there is enormous disinformation up there regarding the Castro tyranny and characters like the stinky fly are responsible for this disinformation.

  7. Alberto,

    Had no time today to watch the panel but I understand the stinky fly ultimate goal is the reestablishment of diplomatic relation between the Castro tyranny and the USA.

    Regarding your last sentence, at this point I don’t know anymore if we’re going to win as we have everyone stacked against us, including the RCC who should be supporting freedom and justice instead of being an accomplice to the Castro tyranny.

    We are at this point today because our Republican allies (including previous US Presidents) did not remove the Castro tyranny from power. Now the Castro allies control the game and we’re like David fighting Goliath, the problem I see is like our David has been abandoned by God to the wolfs.

    I sincerely hope I’m wrong…

  8. FFC, first of all, we are going to win. Sooner or later, we will win. Look how long the Russians had to wait, but in the end, truth won. Now they seem to be falling back into the hole, but they were given the chance to be free nonetheless.

    Secondly, I’m sorry, but no president from the U.S., or any other country is going to remove the Castro tyranny. That task and duty belongs to the Cuban people. All we can ask for is support and not to help the oppressors. The sooner we stop looking to others to solve our problems, the sooner we will begin working on it ourselves to find the solution and implement it.

  9. Correct, Alberto, but we all know only too well that if Castro, Inc. had been a right wing regime, the world would have done far more against it, as it did with South Africa and others, and Castro, Inc. would have been toppled long ago. Yes, realistically, nobody is going to bail us out or get us out of the hole, but it’s not just because we’re primarily responsible. It’s also because there’s a monumental double-standard at work.

  10. FFC, I am perfectly aware of the views that the mosca brings to this discussion, and I disagree with them. But when the mosca is spreading his disinformation to audiences who are on the fence without a conservative panelist to counteract them, the cause for Cuban freedom loses out. I am glad that the mosca was in this morning’s panel that was sponsored by the Heritage Foundation — not a liberal think tank by any stretch of the imagination. By expounding his views publicly, our conservative speakers can expose their shallowness. In order to restore freedom to Cuba, we need allies. The over 2M Cuban Diaspora can’t do it alone. We will win allies to our side by arguing the truth.

    Think back to when Jorge Mas Canosa, Chairman of the Cuban-American National Foundation, debated Ricardo Alarcon, president of the Cuban National Assembly and member of the Communist Party’s Central Committee, in September 1996. Cuban-Americans had a lot to celebrate at the conclusion of that debate. And yet, by your logic, you would have kept this debate from taking place.

  11. Asombra, that is a very valid point, but unfortunately, that double standard has existed since leftists have existed. There is nothing we can do about that other than to expose them every chance we get. We have to not only rid ourselves of a despotic tyranny, but we have to fight our way through the supporters who surround them, keeping the dictatorship alive and throwing obstacles in our way. It’s not fair, but it’s our reality. One we must deal with and conquer.

  12. The inescapable double standard means it’s even more critical that all Cubans do whatever they can against Castro, Inc. or, at a minimum, do nothing to help it. Unfortunately, we’re doing rather poorly in that respect, and it’s only getting worse.

  13. Asombra, we’ll harness the energy of those Cubans and “honorary” Cubans who are serious about restoring democracy to Cuba. To aim for unanimity is an unrealistic goal.

  14. Jorge,

    I saw the debate between Jorge Mas Canosa and Raul Alarcon years ago and it achieved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because the Cuban people were not allowed to see it and those were the ones who need it to see it.

    Face that reality…


    I’m not talking about sending American troops to invade Cuba.

    Any US President has the power to tight the screws enough on the Castro tyranny by ways of tightening the embargo, stopping immigration and money remittances to the island. With these measures implemented, a mass revolt in the island will soon follow.

    It is that simple, but no one has the balls to do it…

  15. FFC, I disagree with you, once again, that the Mas Canosa/Alarcon achieved “absolutely nothing.” I think that the debate impressed many people throughout the world who changed their views on the Cuban debacle on that day. I can’t say for a fact that no one in Cuba watched it — as I lean on the side that a lot of them actually did see it. Just like many Cubans do the impossible to listen to Radio Marti and view TV Marti, many found a way to watch the debate. The debate was indeed a glorious day for the restoration of a Cuba Libre.

  16. Keep disagreeing Jorge because impressing people around the world is not going to liberate Cuba.

    The reality is that no debate and bullshit talk is going to liberate Cuba from the Castro tyranny, concrete actions will.

  17. Once again, FFC, I take issue with your line of reasoning. Before you can have concrete action to liberate Cuba, you have to do a lot of talking,and debating, and convincing, and, unfortunately, a lot of begging. Concrete action just does not take place in a vacuum.

  18. FFC, I never lose my faith. I do my grain of sand in speaking out and using my pen to call attention to the human rights atrocities that have happened and continue to happen in Cuba. To give up at this juncture would be the equivalent of declaring defeat. And the latter is not in my vocabulary when I know that I’m in the right. In addition, I’m a very religious guy when it comes to visiting Cuba nowadays. It’s not in my religion. It took 72 years for the Russians to liberate themselves from communism, but they did it. They are going backwards lately because they have not listened carefully to the saying of renowned Spanish philosopher George Santayana — “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” I’m convinced that the forces of good do prevail in the long run. It may take a long time, it may not happen in our lifetimes, but Cuba will be free again. Throughout this journey, I sleep soundly at night by knowing that I’ve done my share to make it happen.

  19. Jorge,

    You and I can do very little to liberate Cuba other than posting our views in the Web.

    I don’t loose my faith either but I fear our struggle will continue for several years to come (I sincerely hope NOT) because there is too much talk and little action by the players that have the power to make a difference.

    BTW, I would not use the Soviet Union for a comparison as Vladimir Putin has stolen Russia’s Democracy steering the country into a Soviet Union lite form of government once again.

  20. Jorge, nobody is waiting or calling for unanimity, which has never existed and never will. The point is that there must be enough Cubans who are serious about freeing Cuba, just as there had to be enough foolish, shallow or perverse Cubans for the Castro disaster to take place, take hold and last so long.

    There have always been and there will always be Cubans of all degrees of worth or usefulness. That can’t be changed, and that’s not the issue. The issue is the proportion of those who are net helpful vs. those who are net harmful. One monkey don’t stop no show, if you get my drift, not even a José Martí.

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