Move over, Media with Havana Bureaus–Saladrigas ALSO hails him as “President” Raul Castro

“Because I have a Havana Bureau too, and must protect it.”
“Vas bien, Carlos”

At the Heritage Foundation Conference today Carlos Saladrigas refers to the reforms by “PRESIDENT” Raul Castro. Please check it out at 1;32..;53 seconds




3 thoughts on “Move over, Media with Havana Bureaus–Saladrigas ALSO hails him as “President” Raul Castro

  1. Not only does Saladrigas refer to raul as president, but some media outlets apparently can’t distinguish between the portly Saladrigas and the rest of the exile community. According to the Chicago [or shall I say? Shit-cago] Tribune, a paper that is vying to be the Midwestern version of the New York Times, Saladrigas was opposed to the first papal visit, but not he wholeheartedly supports it. In an article entitled, “The Miami Exiles Soften on Pope’s Visit to Cuba,” they seem to have a hard time distinguishing between Saladrigas and the rest of us:

    “Saladrigas’ change of heart is a sign of how much things have changed in Miami since that visit. Polls show declining Cuban American support for the U.S. embargo against Cuba, as well as growing approval for family travel to Cuba by exiles.”

    Isn’t that a hoot? Saladrigas is a barometer for the rest of us! He’s change of heart is an indication of how much we’ve changed.

    See entire garbage article below:,0,6880248,full.story

  2. Humberto, please tell me you’re not even remotely surprised. Never mind that Castro II is not a real president, not a real general, and probably not even a real Castro (it’s strongly suspected that he and Fidel, who look nothing alike, had different fathers). True, Saladrigas could have referred to the current dictator simply as Raúl, but he must know that anything he says publicly about Cuba is being monitored by Castro, Inc., and I suppose it’s more advisable, from his standpoint, to be “respectful” or “correct.”

  3. And Ray, it’s called reporting it like you wish it were, or like you think it should be. These people don’t really give a shit about the truth as such, only about what suits their ideology and agenda. Saladrigas is very, VERY out of step with the vast majority of Cuban exiles, certainly the real ones, and it’s not especially hard to figure that out—but again, that’s beside the point.

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