Tania Mastrapa Exposes the Real Deal regarding Cuba’s reforms and their publicists (but in a Polish Newspaper)


All exile communities suffer from self-titled leaders elected by no one. These “leaders” always claim to speak for the majority when they mostly speak for themselves. The actions of this variety of exile are most egregious when seemingly supported by individuals within the local Catholic Church hierarchy.

“Poland too had the misfortune of some questionable exiles. On 5 September 1955 Hugo Hanke, Prime Minister of Poland’s Government in Exile sought a papal audience in Rome only to surface five days later in Warsaw where his return from exile was announced. Hanke claimed he returned because democracy was around the corner in Communist Poland. The Soviet-controlled Polish regime at the time encouraged the return of exiles in order to undermine the Government in Exile and political opponents abroad….. Of course, it turned out Hugo Hanke had been a paid agent of (the Polish Regime’s) Ministry of Public Security (UB) since the early 1950s.

Over half a century later in Miami, Florida some Cuban exiles utilize any forum necessary, including local parishes, to promote the regime’s alleged reforms as a sign of positive change and insist on forgetting the past. They encourage travel to and investment in the totalitarian system – all under the guise of their devout

Tania Mastrapas’s piece surely belongs in the Miami Herald.




2 thoughts on “Tania Mastrapa Exposes the Real Deal regarding Cuba’s reforms and their publicists (but in a Polish Newspaper)

  1. Does anyone remember the infamous Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo? He was basically, the Saladrigas of the 1990’s. A few years ago, the New York Times turned him into a “Cuban exile leader” with indisputable credentials [according to them], since he allegedly spent years in castro’s gulag. They constantly quoted him and gave him a platform to write opinion pieces. Then suddenly one day, he returned to Cuba to live there and “effect change inside Cuba.” Imagine that, an “exile leader” who was allowed to move back to Cuba and even had an audience with fidel. Wasn’t that a hoot?

  2. The more people need or want something, and the longer they’ve been without it, the more likely they are to settle or fall for something dubious, defective or downright fraudulent. That’s why the hungry will eat bad food, and the thirsty will drink contaminated water. Remember that evil is rooted in lies, as Castro, Inc. has been from the beginning—such an inhuman, perverse system is inconceivable without lies, and it cannot survive without them. Thus, it generates and fosters lies of all kinds as a matter of course, routinely, not so much because it likes lying but because it MUST lie to stay in power. And staying in power is its prime directive, no matter what it takes to maintain it.

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