Cuban activists evades security at papal event and yells ‘down with communism’ in front of pope

A Cuban protester was able to pierce several rings of Castro State Security set up around a papal event in Cuba and in front of the pope and the international press, he began to yell “down with communism!” The man was immediately apprehended by plainclothes security and in the video of the incident below, you can see one of the regime’s supposed medical personnel (red cross on the back of his vest) viciously sucker punch the man as he is escorted out. Welcome to Cuba, Your Holiness.

Hombre burla seguridad de misa en Cuba y grita… by Globovision



9 thoughts on “Cuban activists evades security at papal event and yells ‘down with communism’ in front of pope

  1. If the Red Cross doesn’t formally protest for this presumed imposture, it’s an accessory to the deed.

  2. Any Catholic who does not publicly denounce this pope and his actions, and continues to fund the RCC is a guilty as the man who punched the dissident. Your offering is funding this. I get sick and tired of those that with one side of their face say that people sending remittances to Cuba fund the regime (which they do) and with the other fund the regime through their support of a denomination that props the same regime. You cannot have it both ways people. If you do not stand against the enemy you are part of the problem.

  3. This is what I wrote them:

    In Cuba today, a brave man shouted “down with Communism” in front of the Pope. How he managed to get through the layers of tyranny that has in the past weeks been cleansing the society of all “troubling elements” is a mystery, one might say a miracle.
    But the reason I am writing you is about the shill for Castro who wore a Red Cross representing your fine organization. As soon as the man had his brief say, he was hustled by the Red Cross wearer and beaten to a pulp.
    Is this the kind of person you want to represent your organization? I think it behooves you to protest to the world and against the Cuban government, that if they feel the need to have thugs, let them be dressed in fatigues or polos and slacks, but not pretend that they are worthies of the Red Cross.
    The video of this incident is available for viewing on

  4. The incident occurred in a plaza named after Antonio Maceo, one of the great heroes of the Cuban War of Independence. Maceo was black, like this man who shouted “Down with communism!” In a way, it’s as if Maceo sent him. Unfortunately, being black will make retribution from the Castro regime even worse. Massah hates all disobedient slaves, but especially black ones, who are supposed to be extra grateful and extra submissive. God be with him.

  5. Finally all the networks here in the DC’s area are showing this video! So all these politicians that love that criminal and evil regime, can see a little bit of the repression that the Cuba have to live for over 53 yrs! Is not about bringing the Coca Cola and going there for vacation! The Cubans wants and need the same Freedom that we all have! GOD did not create different from you or me! May Our Heavenly Father Bless, and Protect this brave man! Y que Dios Bendiga a Cuba!

    American Red Cross Hi Maria – your comment has not disappeared, the new Facebook formatting has made it more difficult to see what you have posted. As for the incident in Cuba, the Cuban Red Cross has launched an investigation into the incident. Please note, that this behavior does not correspond to the Movement’s Fundamental Principals.
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  7. My Dad, a WWII Vet made me promise to never give the Red Cross a dime as he witnessed them demanding paymemt for blood for the wounded. I don’t think he made it up.

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