Another symbol of courage in Cuba

Another symbol of courage in Cuba.

Via Uncommon Sense:

With act of courage, anonymous Cuban man becomes a symbol of resistance

In 1989, a young Chinese man captured the attention of the world when he laid his life on the line and faced off against a row of tanks moving to crush the uprising against communist rule. An act of futility perhaps, but almost 23 years later his act of resistance remains a powerful symbol of resistance and courage.


In 2012, he has been joined in freedom’s pantheon of anonymous heroes by this man, a young Cuban who on Monday as the Papal Mass in Santiago de Cuba was beginning rose up and declared, “Down with communism!” and “Freedom!”

Stepping from behind the Ptomekin facade the Castro regime constructed for Pope Benedict’s visit, security agents grabbed the young man, roughed him up and dragged him to who knows where.

“Down with communism!”


The Castro dictatorship will try, but those words — prayers, really, considering where and when they were delivered — will not be silenced. They will echo in Cuba long after the pope has returned to Rome.

Like the young Chinese man who stood up to the tanks in Beijing, one nameless Cuban and his act of extraordinary bravery will not be forgotten.



3 thoughts on “Another symbol of courage in Cuba

  1. From the Miami Herald

    “Fielding questions from international media at a press conference after the meeting, Lombardi said the pope granted a meeting to Fidel Castro — but not to dissidents who had requested the same — out of the church’s respect for its Cuban government hosts.

    “When the pope comes to a country … he has to take into account all the requests and suggestions of the authorities,’’ Lombardi said. “It is the authorities who invited the Holy Father to the country.’’

    Ahhhhh…. now the RCC will get special favors, will be allowed to attack other denominations, and secure their “stronghold”. Funny that demonic things are called strongholds as well.

    • “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah, Chap. 5, verse 20)

  2. The pope, for all his worldly power, influence, and security, has been shown up by one lone, solitary man for whom the only “security” he knows in life comes in the form of the security forces of the police state whose duty it is to break him.

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