13 thoughts on “Cuba: The representative of Christ embraces the representative of Satan

  1. Here is a caption
    “Bless me father for I have sinned, it has been 52 years and hundreds of thousands of lives since OUR last confession and these are OUR sins.”
    May they both rot in hell. Of that there is no question.

  2. Exactly Conchita!!!

    I wonder if the Pope gave him communion (even if it was in private), somehow it would not surprise me.

  3. No big deal really. Just one more example of the catholic church securing its place in the shitpile of Cuban history.

  4. Ditto Omar…

    Such pictures speak a million words about this Pope’s character and what he’s made off.

    For weeks we have been agonizing here at Babalu knowing very well that this was going to be the final outcome of this Pope trip. We accurately predicted how this trip was going to unfold and the rest is history.

    We’ll see what happens next…

  5. Nelson Bocaranda is reporting that the Pope also met with Hugo Chavez last night and gave him a “blessed rosary.”
    If confirmed, that’s more proof that the Pope didn’t meet with any dissidents because he didn’t want to, not because he didn’t have time.

  6. PUKE WORTHY, disgusting, revolting, cowardly, gross, sickening, fraudulent, sacreligious, and despicable.

    RATzinger deserves to be spit on from here on out. He is a disgrace to Jesus who would have overturned all the Castro money-changer tables in their stupid little “revolution plaza”. Any exile in Miami who attends Catholic mass this Sunday is shameless and a good little “house negro” to their Vatican masters.

  7. What happens next? Don’t forget the regimes threat to make “them all disappear” The question is, did the visit provide adequate PR coverage to embolden the brutes to act?

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