The hand of God lets go of Cuba and Cubans

By Joan Antoni Guerro Vall in Punt de Vista (my translation):

The hand of God lets go of Cuba and Cubans

The hands that today will reach out to the pope in Cuba

At the halfway point of the pope’s visit to Cuba, we can confirm that the hand of God has let go of Cubans and Cuba. That hand, that exists, that today clutches and comforts others.

The tongue kiss between Benedict XVI and the Castro brothers – which will continue today with a visit to Fidel – only confirms that the Catholic Church does not endeavor for the establishment of liberties for Cubans. It has other purposes: to consolidate its power under the roof of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the dynasty that illegally occupies the throne on that island.

For that reason, it is absurd to ask the pope to strive for democracy since the Vatican is nothing more than an absolute monarchy, a non-democratic state. In this day in age, it has more in common with Castroism than with democratic states, which is the model and future we yearn for in this country.



4 thoughts on “The hand of God lets go of Cuba and Cubans

  1. Weeks like this make me glad to be a Protestant Christian.

    The U.S. was founded on Protestantism – Latrine America on Catholicism … nuff said 🙂

  2. Mr. Mojito,

    Weeks like these teaches me how screwed up our current world is when the man that is supported to represent Jesus Christ, his Church and his values on earth fails miserably at the task at hand and instead acts as if he was taking Lucifer’s orders.

    Someone here over a week ago posted a very powerful statement which read along this line:

    Jesus Christ did not spend time entertaining with King Herod and his court and instead choose to spent his time with the poor and the oppressed and yes, some sinners.

    Pope Benedict XVI choose to spend his time in Cuba with the oppressors, the murderous Castro brothers and refused to grant time in his schedule for any dissident. This action on the Pope’s part revealed what he’s made off.

    As you accurately said in your other post, this Pope doesn’t represent Jesus Christ on earth.

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