What the pope can and cannot do in Cuba


Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski is quoted in the Miami Herald saying “[t]he pope cannot do in one day what Cubans have not been able to do in 50 years.” A fair statement since no one can reasonably expect a mere man with faults and limitations just like the rest of us to accomplish in one day, or three days for that matter, what has not been accomplished in Cuba for more than five decades. This remark, however, causes one to wonder what other things the pope cannot do and conversely, what things can he do.

After giving those questions some thought, I went over the events that took place in Cuba during the pope’s visit and came up with a brief list of things the pope can and cannot do in Cuba based on his actions while on the island:

What the pope Can Do in Cuba
  1. Meet with Cuban dictator Raul Castro
  2. Allow an atheist dictator who has murdered thousands to appear on the altar during a Holy Mass
  3. Meet with retired dictator Fidel Castro
  4. Publicly condemn U.S. economic sanctions against the diabolical Castro dictatorship
What the pope Cannot Do in Cuba
  1. Meet with the Ladies in White or any other dissident group
  2. Publicly condemn the Castro dictatorship and its more than five decades of repression and murder
  3. Publicly offer unconditional and clear support for the oppressed and imprisoned in Cuba
  4. Minister to the true outcasts, the truly persecuted, the truly downtrodden in Cuba

Archbishop Wenski is right: Pope Benedict XVI cannot do in one day what Cubans have not been able to do in 50 years. And as we sadly witnessed, there are quite a few other things this pope cannot and will not do in Cuba.



2 thoughts on “What the pope can and cannot do in Cuba

  1. Wenski’s comment is so obvious, such a no-brainer, that I cannot help suspect it’s a veiled swipe at the Cuban people, particularly Cuban exiles, “those people.” I’m sure he’s pissed at the negative response in the Miami area to his religious “pilgrimage” business, among other things. As I see it, he either has no clue about PR or he chooses to ignore that in favor of a presumably more important agenda.

  2. I don’t know if I’m angrier with the Vatican and its branch, the Miami Archdiocese, or Cuban exiles. Wenski gets away with statements like this because Cuban exiles are nonchalant and cavalier and will not do anything to get this son-of-a-bitch out of there. If Cubans stopped going to mass or at the very least started a campaign–example, instead of putting money in the Sunday envelope putting in a note demanding Wenski’s resignation—the Archdiocese might stand up and listen. But they won’t, so this man who is out-of-touch with Cuban exiles will continue to act out offensively with impunity.

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