I have been saying the same thing for the last few years (emphasis mine)…

The Associated Press describes itself as “the essential global news network.”

It is indeed essential — to Barack Obama, and for the next seven months, his reelection campaign. Recent management actions and “news” coverage at the AP confirm that it is no longer pejorative to call the wire service the Administration’s Press, or even the Administration’s Propagandists.

How the AP conducts itself and reports the news is no arcane matter.

Many if not most Americans have no idea how often they meet up with AP content every day. Those top-of-hour two-minute syndicated radio broadcasts you hear on the way to and from work? There’s a good chance that at least half of its content was adapted from AP copy. The national and international stories in your newspaper’s print edition and at its web site? Most of it probably came from AP. The national TV networks? In terms of beat reporting, they’re mere shadows of their former selves, and liberally use content from AP — and, to a lesser extent, the New York Times, which is no longer even trying to be the “newspaper of record” it was in previous decades — as their starting point, and often their ending point. This in turn filters down to local TV newsrooms, which don’t have the resources to pay much direct attention to goings-on outside their city or state. […]

You also have Reuters, and to some extent AFP and UPI. But even they seem to mirror AP.

The wire service’s journalists are represented by the News Media Guild, a militant subset of the Communications Workers of America. The AP became unionized in the wake of a 1937 Supreme Court decision. Dissenting justices in the 5-4 case contended that the First Amendment’s freedom of the press should keep news organizations free from all government interference in their operations — in this case, at the hands of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ruthlessly aggressive National Labor Relations Board. They prophetically warned that allowing journalists to form unions would forever compromise the ability of a media outlet to “preserve its news service free from color, bias, or distortion.” Did it ever. The AP should be all about, and only about, who, what, where, when, why, and how — just the facts. Instead, the current trendy phrase at AP is “Journalism With Voice,” which at bottom means “more interpretation,” i.e., even more spin and bias. […]

Network newsrooms have gotten disgustingly lazy, which is even more unacceptable in this 24/7 cable network news world. The fact that they are a self-imposed “99%” that depend on the “1%” for all the “Ws” to be vetted and answered in news gathering, writing and reporting is not only careless but dangerous.

The latest wildfire spreading through the media and blogosphere is that armed neo-Nazis are patrolling Sanford, FL, in anticipation of trouble if George Zimmerman is not charged in the killing of Trayvon Martin. In what has become a prime example of media malpractice, none of the major publications spreading the rumors bothered to check with local law enforcement. I did, and the Sanford Police deny any indication of neo-Nazi patrols.

Meanwhile, NBC has allegedly fired the “seasoned producer” responsible for “screwing-up”tampering with editing the 911 audio tape of George Zimmerman on the night of the Trayvon Martin shooting in order to make him (Zimmerman) appear racially motivated … which the New York Times was willing to trust and run with. However, NBC will not be releasing the “seasoned producer’s” name. (This leads some to ponder if anyone really was fired over the atrocity.) The NBC edit could not have been accidental as NBC first, and predictably, implied a day after the conservative blogs tore them apart. It was intentional. Yet, the damage is done in the court of public opinion where the jury (listeners/viewers) have already heard the information and cannot erase it from their minds. This is also typically done simply by carefully selecting the right wording for a title to influence the reader’s perception and accept the biased narrative of the story written for them as unbiased fact. But what is happening now in the American news media is not only manipulative, but downright criminal. To top it all off, as if it needed to be topped-off, recall that Hollywood celebrities took it upon themselves to post Zimmerman’s, and his parents’, home addresses on Twitter. Never mind one of them was horribly wrong, and was damn lucky not to be dead wrong… Perhaps those Hollywood celebs should take the advice one of their peers had for NBC and the rest of the MSM?

I pray this kind of bullsh*t doesn’t effect the investigation or sway the facts in any way. There needs to be a proper outcome based on fact. Truth doesn’t need ‘help.’

Phantom Florida-street-patrolling neo-Nazis aside, considering the news media has spent the last couple weeks squirting gasoline (and in some cases drilling for and refining it) on the racial flames over the Trayvon/Zimmerman story, it makes me wonder how the MSM on whole would feel if somebody (just hypothetically of course) put a bounty on the nameless fired NBC news “seasoned producer” in order to identify him/her … considering the MSM has not been even slightly concerned, or even expressed its typically overused outrage, that the New Black Panther Party has a growing bounty on George Zimmerman. I guess the MSM are just waiting for the AP to write the story for them.