An experiment (UPDATED)

The comptroller of Dixon, Illinois, Rita Crundwell, is accused of stealing $30 million dollars from the little town.

But that’s not the story I want to highlight. I have searched Google and read about a half-dozen different stories on this and not once have I read a reference to her political party. Can someone find out for me whether my guess that she is a Democrat is correct?

(UPDATE with a H/T to Julio C. Perez: Sure enough, she’s a Dem. The Chicago Tribune has it in teeny-tiny letters on one of the slug hyperlinks but never in the body of the stories they published. I knew she was a Dem, of course, because if she were a Republican the press would have a fucking field day with the “culture of corruption” meme. Dems, as you all know, cannot be corrupt because of their superior moral bearing, tolerance, compassion and intelligence.)

How did $30 million vanish in the tiny town of Dixon, Ill.? And how could no one notice?

Comptroller Rita Crundwell is accused of stealing more than $30 million in funds from the city of Dixon. That’s about $1,900 tax dollars per resident in the town of 15,000.

Crundwell was released on her own recognizance Wednesday. In addition, she agreed to U.S. Magistrate Judge P. Michael Mahoney in Rockford’s order not to sell, dispose or transfer any real estate or horses in her name or under her control, and her travel is restricted to the Northern District of Illinois and the Western District of Wisconsin. She waived preliminary hearing.

The U.S. state’s attorney calls Crundwell’s one of the largest “theft of taxpayer money” cases in recent times. Crundwell is accused of misappropriating the $30 million over the last six years for her own use. Many residents want to know how, in a city with a $7 million budget, that much money could vanish without anyone noticing.

The prize show horses. Farms with her initials emblazoned on barns. It was no secret Rita Crundwell had money. Most here assumed that cash came from her horse business and not her job at Dixon City Hall.

“How could something like this happen? How could it happen? How could she have gotten away with it and who else knows?” Rita McCallister, Dixon resident, said.

Crundwell siphoned off $30 million in taxpayer money over six years, according to a criminal complaint. Prosecutors say the money funded a “lavish lifestyle” including vet bills, care and feeding at two horse farms, a $2.1 million motor home seized Tuesday, and a $2.5 million credit card bill that included $339,000 worth of jewelry. […]