The Body Count of the Castro Brothers is still increasing

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

The Body Count of the Castro Brothers is still increasing

In a dialogue with a skeptical progressive over face book chat this past week, the following questions was raised: “I’m curious to know exactly how many of the opposition has the regime killed or imprisoned over the past 50 years? My hunch is that it is far less than you would have one believe.”

My immediate response was that a full accounting is impossible and upon further research discovered that this position was held by experts who keep track of fatalities incurred by all kinds of regimes in power. Nevertheless, there are a range of estimates that are in the thousands and tens of thousands. Below is my response.

A conservative estimate gives the range, according to Matthew White in his website Necrometrics, at between 5,000-12,000 Cubans killed by the Castro regime compared with Chileans killed by the Pinochet regime which number 3,197. Rudolph Joseph Rummel, a political science professor at the University of Hawaii and an expert in Democide (murder by government) also takes into account the Cuban boat people who have died fleeing the dictatorship and estimates 73,000 dead Cubans between 1959 and 1987. Both are conservative numbers.

Extrajudicially executed by the Castro regime on July 13, 1994

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3 thoughts on “The Body Count of the Castro Brothers is still increasing

  1. A few years ago I was acquainted with an emigre to the U.S.from the former soviet union. Based on his experience he said whatever you think the number of those killed by the castros is multiply it by at least three. If you think one hundred thousand its closer to three hundred thousand.

  2. Unfortunately, evidence is useless when people are already locked into a particular position. They will simply find a way to dismiss or rationalize it away. I doubt it made any real difference to the “skeptical progressive” mentioned here.

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