Cuban dissident and Catholic activist lashes out at the Church for complicity with Castro regime

Oswaldo Payá, a Catholic human rights activist in Cuba and leader of the Christian Liberation Movement on the island has lashed out against the Catholic Church for their complicity with the Castro dictatorship.

An excerpt from El Nuevo Herald (my translation):

Payá lashes out at initiative by the Cuban Catholic Church well known opposition leader Oswaldo Payá, director of the Christian Liberation Movement (MCL), had strong criticism for the immigration forum organized by the Cuban Catholic Church because as he explained, it “aligns” itself with the government of Raul Castro and their totalitarian policy.

The forum titled “A Dialog Between Cubans” will come to an end today, Saturday, after several analytical meetings and academic debates. Since Thursday, more than 60 specialists who live on the island and in the U.S. have met to talk about issues of interest such as the diaspora and the economic model, culture, and the current laws.

A memo released by Orlando Marquez, director of the publication New Word from the Havana Archdiocese, said that “this is the first time that such an event of this type takes place within the Church.”

The occasion served to present the document “The Cuban Diaspora in the 21st Century,” an analysis of the perspectives of rapprochement and relations between Cubans who have emigrated and their country of birth. The document was written by the Cuban Research Institute from Florida International University. It references the implementation of Cuban socialist economic model.

“Our purpose is to contribute with a spirit of dialog and as part of the Cuban society for the good of our country and its citizens,” added Marquez in reference to the ties forged during the meetings.

Nevertheless, Payá declared the initiative of the forum “is organized and directed by those in Cuba who not only despise the peaceful oppostion, but also deny their existence.”

The criticisms were recently published on Payá’s and MCL’s website.

“These individuals who enjoy the privilege of having a voice and a protected space conspire against true reconciliation and the peace that can only be obtained if all rights of Cubans are respected, their freedom of expression and association, and free elections are held,” said Payá.



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  1. Payá could have been useful to the RCC, but Ortega has proved so, uh, effective that there’s no need to bother with laymen.

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