“What do you get when you cross George Orwell’s Animal Farm with John Belushi’s Animal House? ‘Government Gone Wild’!”


An exceptional narration by Melanie Sturm at The Aspen Times of what is deeply wrong with our government. A must read-in-full. Here is a bit…

The hard truth is that the larger government grows, the more Orwellian and “Animal House” its conduct. Belushi’s character, Bluto, exercised no greater restraint around free beer than did GSA Regional Director Jeff Neely and his employees, whose exploits at their $823,000 Las Vegas “team-building” soirée were recorded, only to dominate newscasts this month. Bluto couldn’t have carpe diem-ed on his parents’ allowance better than Neely, who wrote in an invitation to friends, “We’ll pick up the room tab. … I know I’m bad, but … why not enjoy it while we have it? … Ain’t gonna last forever.”

Since government depends on resources drawn from the real economy, consider these facts: After the GSA’s inspector general reported Neely’s misconduct, Neely still received a 2011 bonus; the average GSA salary is nearly $92,000, $40,000 more than median household income; and the GSA’s budget rose 119 percent in 2011. Furthermore, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported in January that federal employees enjoy greater job security and earn significantly higher compensation compared with private-sector workers.

[…] Unlike household budgets that strive to boost savings by minimizing expenses, government bureaucracies spend what they’re given while justifying more for next year. They also lack the expertise and market discipline to invest wisely, evidenced by “green investments” in now-bankrupt companies such as Solyndra.


Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad said last year, “History is going to judge whether we have the courage, character and the vision to stand up for America’s future. Those who take a walk, those who turn away, those who don’t have the gumption to stand up, are going to be judged very, very harshly.” Though Conrad intended to pass a budget resolution this month, he was overruled by Senate leadership. Believing they can evade electoral consequences by not voting on difficult budget matters, senators mirror the corrupt, greedy and myopic leadership of the pigs in “Animal Farm.”


As I said above, read the whole piece.

UPDATE: By the way, recall in the “Whatever happened to?” captions for the characters at the end of “Animal House” had John “Bluto” Blutarsky becoming a US Senator.



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