An Open Letter to Gov. Rick Scott

Governor Scott,

I had the privilege of attending the signing ceremony for HB 959 held at the Freedom Tower in Miami yesterday. I was honored to have been in the presence of our esteemed federal and state representatives, human rights activists, Cuban and Syrian exile groups and other freedom loving Americans. I was proud to be a small part of such an auspicious occasion, and one predicated by a principled and moral victory. I think it safe to assume that all in attendance felt the same way, and, there is no doubt that all of those gathered had supported your campaign and your subsequent governorship. You were our governor, the man we helped put in office, leading by honor and virtue. Doing what was right as opposed to expeditious.

We were wrong. You duped us.

There in the Freedom Tower, our very own historic Ellis Island, where innumerable tears have been shed by the Cuban community, where the profundity of loss and hope and freedom has been enshrined for half a century, you lied to us. You accepted accolade after accolade, embrace after embrace, handshake after handshake while speaking of principles and liberty and justice knowing full well that the truth you kept hidden from us would dishearten and disillusion. You willfully deceived and betrayed a community that has lived through more than it’s fair share of same.

Your actions defiled the value and meaning of all the words of praise entrusted upon you by the leaders and people of this community. Your actions were not only a premeditated mockery, but an abject insult.

I will leave the legality of your argument for the legal experts and let those chips fall where they may. But please do know this: yesterday’s deception, your “signing legislation into law” which you had no intention, and most certainly lack the integrity and fortitude of enforcing, was not good leadership or diplomacy. It was and is an act of unprincipled diffidence. And true leadership, as well as the struggle for liberty and justice, have no room duplicitous cowards.


Valentin J. Prieto
Founding Editor
Babalu Blog



3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Gov. Rick Scott

  1. Well, I wonder who’s going to spit on our faces next after all these events:

    a) The Obama administration with all these unilateral “apertures” (concessions) to the Castro tyranny.

    b) The RCC and the travesty of the Pope visit to Cuba (including the shameful behavior of our local Archbishop Wenski) supporting this farce.

    c) The Miami Marlins handling Ozzie Guillen.

    Now our stupid Florida Governor joins the spitting crowd.

    The obvious issue here is that there is a tremendous push behind the scenes to establish full diplomatic relations with the Castro tyranny, many players are involved and some are wealthy Cuban-Americans like the Saladrigas (and probably the Fanjuls).

    The Castro tyranny is trying to set up a somewhat Chinese style type of system were they can continue fully oppressing and controlling the Cuban people while western companies and the US government engage in Cuban investments as a way to secure the continuation of the Castro dynasty in power in Cuba long after Fidel and Raul Castro are dead.

    Make no mistake about it, this is the real goal of the Castro brothers behind this issue and unfortunately this Marxist President we have in office today (plus many Democrats and some Republicans lawmakers) are more than willing to support it along with many US corporations that care more about their bottom dollar line that freedom and justice around the world.

    Fidel and Raul Castro are preparing the stage for one of their kids (or grand-kids) to be in full power in Cuba after their earthly departure. These are the first steps in that direction.

    If we did not have so many “allies” betraying us we could prevail, but unfortunately is such an uphill battle since we don’t know who will betray us next.

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