Happy Birthday Alan Gross (as happy as a birthday can be inside a Castro prison)

Today is 63rd birthday of Alan Gross, the American aid worker who has spent more than two years imprisoned in a Cuban gulag as a hostage of the Castro dictatorship.

We received the following photographs and remarks made in commemoration of Alan’s birthday from Carlos Lumpuy, a Washinton D.C. resident who goes every Monday to the old Cuban Embassy building in that city to hold a noontime prayer vigil for the release of Alan Gross:

My Remarks before the old Cuban Embassy building in Washington, Monday March 2012.

Good afternoon.

The plight of the Alan Gross family motivates my presence here every Monday that I’m here in town. I wish to share something first in the language understood by the Cuban diplomats housed in this old Cuban Embassy building built in 1925 when Cuba was free.

What I say here now has more to say about his wife, Mrs. Judy Gross, and what she has had to endure for far too long; about this woman’s steadfast perseverance, and the unremitting love of her husband for more than 40 years. First in Spanish:

Oye, ustedes en esta Embajada Cubana aquí en Washington edificado en 1925 durante Gerardo Machado cuando Cuba fue libre, ahora que tengo su atencion hablando en idioma que entiendes, escuchan bien estas palabras escrito por Jose Marti:

“Las campañas de los pueblos sólo son débiles cuando en ellas no se alista el corazón de mujer; pero cuando la mujer se estremece y ayuda, cuando la mujer tímida y quieta en su natural, anima y aplaude, cuando la mujer culta y virtuosa unge la obra con la miel de su cariño, la obra es invencible.”

-Jose Marti, Key West, 1892.

In English:

“The campaigns of a people are only weak when in them is not enlisted the heart of a woman; but when a woman is shaken and helps, when a woman, timid and quiet in her nature, cheers and applauds, when a woman cultured and virtuous anoints a deed with the honey of her love, the deed is invincible”.

-Jose Marti, Cuban Poet and Liberator, Key West, 1892.

-God Bless America in Hebrew (El-oh-eheem Baruch Atah Amerika)

Liberen Alan Gross !

Liberen Alan Gross !

Liberen Alan Gross !