George W. Bush ‘Freedom Institute’ celebrates opening in D.C.

Yesterday, the George W. Bush Freedom Institute located in Dallas, Texas celebrated its grand opening in Washington D.C.:

George W. Bush Returns to Washington to Celebrate Freedom

President George W. Bush was back in Washington today, to mark the opening at his Bush Institute in Dallas of the “Freedom Collection.”

Bush George W.

It was of course a gathering of many officials of his administration, but was far more: a reminder of how far support for what Bush used to call the “Freedom Agenda” had slipped in today’s Washington. The Bush event included a speech by the former president, but also remarks by dissidents from Syria, China, and Cuba and a live interview via Skype of Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma. Present also was Viktor Yushchenko, former president of the Ukraine and leader of its “Orange Revolution.” During his eight years Bush met personally with 180 key dissidents from 35 countries, the people whom the Bush Institute’s director James Glassman today called “the non-violent shock troops of democracy.” The support that Bush and his wife Laura, who spoke as well and who took a special interest in ending the dictatorship in Burma, gave to such dissident leaders is notably absent today.

Bush’s own speech recalled the themes of his Second Inaugural Address but updated it for the “Arab Spring.” He had three key messages. The first was that a regime can be brought down in a day, but building “durable accountable civic structures” takes years and may see many reverses. “The day when a dictator falls or yields to a democratic movement is glorious,” Bush noted, but “the years of transition that follow can be difficult.” Nevertheless, he argued, the alternative of ignoring the desire for freedom in the name of stability is a grave error: “[T]his foreign policy approach is not realistic…. Nor is it within the power of America to indefinitely preserve the old order, which is inherently unstable.”

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9 thoughts on “George W. Bush ‘Freedom Institute’ celebrates opening in D.C.

  1. I wonder if they will have an exhibit on waterboarding since he was the president whose legacy was to introduce torture into our country. Contrast that with teddy Roosevelt, who fired a military officer for suggesting the use of torture. Or maybe an illustration of the three trillion dollar expense for the Iraq War, which he started on a purely personal vendetta. Or perhaps some of his memorable quotes, like the one where he stated that gynecologists were being prevented from showing their love to women. Or, that at one time, the USA and America had once been at war.

    Yes, sir, a hero for our times!

  2. CountNomis, you deserve credit for cramming so much inane nonsense into one short comment. You managed to touch on almost every leftist propaganda point in a simple paragraph. Te la comiste.

    Next time, you should see if you can work in the evil Dick Cheney and the oil companies.

  3. Some people go by who they hate, not who they like, Pototo. The left is driven by hate. They feed on it. Their entire existence and reason for living is based on hatred. Quite sad, really.

  4. Yes indeed Alberto,

    The most ironic part of the “loving” left is that it loves to hate the most.

    • Count, let me see if I understand you. You are offended — no, outraged — that George W. Bush, under legal authority, and fully disclosed to Congress, including Nancy “The Mendacious Untruthy Lying Liar” Pelosi, gave the orders to waterboard a man who masterminded 9/11 and personally beheaded Daniel Pearl. You are also offended that the waterboarding, er, excuse me, the torture led to the killing of Osama bin Laden. Is this about right?

  5. CuntNomis,
    I have made a bet with some friends, doyou own a Che Guevara T-Shirt?
    Waiting for your reply…


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